Baghdad (Iraq).—Rev. Edward F. Madaras, American Jesuit, whose first year high school class at Baghdad College is composed of three Jews, three Moselms and 22 Christians of various rites, gave each of his pupils a Christmas holy card before they left for the holidays, but not wishing to offend the religious susceptibilities of the non- Christians gave- these latter a greeting card minus the holy pictures. Later the Moslem boys, whom he had noticed looking enviously at the Nativity scenes on the cards received by the Christian boys, asked him if they might not have the same. "But you are Moslems," the priest answered, "and do you really want Christian holy pictures," "But we also love Isa and Miriam,' was the reply, that being the Arabic equivalent to Jesus and Mary. The boys got their cards. '

Later the missionary learned that the Moslems in Baghdad have a shrine to the Blessed Virgin on the other side of the Tigris. Furthermore, the church of the Carmelite Fathers is visited from time to time by Moslem mothers who lay their infants on the altar of the Blessed Mother to implore her help and protection.
- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, February 2nd, 1935 (pdf pp 48)

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