SINGAPORE – Father Bruno Saint Girons spoke to some 140 people at Blessed Sacrament Church on the topic "Love of God, Love of my Hindu Neighbour" on Jul 8.

Father Bruno took the audience on an educational trip into Hinduism, the world’s third largest religion with about one billion followers.

Among the insights he gave was that Hinduism recognizes only one God, Brahman – the Supreme Power who is the foundation of all existence, whose power is infinite and who is everywhere – who manifests himself in many forms.

Father Bruno explained that Hinduism teaches that we can find elements of truth in every religion.

The union with Brahman can be achieved by four paths, he said. Each path is called yoga. Bhakti Yoga means devotion to Brahman; Karma Yoga means moral action to Brahman; Gyana Yoga means union with Brahman through wisdom and
Raja Yoga leads to union with Brahman through meditation.

Father Bruno then guided the audience through an exercise in yoga and meditation. - By Patricia Ang

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