Children from The Little House Montessori have fun at fete, while raising funds for children with cancer at Assisi Hospice. Photos from The Little House Montessori

SINGAPORE – Forty children (and families) from The Little House Montessori participated at a “Children for Children” fete organised on Saturday Oct 10 to raise funds for the children with cancer at Assisi Hospice.

The Little House Montessori is a pre-school and kindergarten that annually receives six to eight students aged from two-and-a-half to six.

In February this year, these kindergarteners were shown a film about poverty set in a third world country.

Ms Katherine Sebastian, who runs and teaches at The Little House Montessori observed that while the children were affected by the poverty other children faced, they did not think similar situations happened to Singaporean children.

“It spurred us to action, to show our school children that there are indeed those in our society who are in need,” she said, adding that action was needed, not simply talk.

The kindergarteners had also visited Assisi Hospice to play with patients there, so their teachers thought it would be “a concrete step” to organise a fete because “the children, no matter how young, can identify with where the money was going”.

The fete was held at Sunset Way playground. Parents of the kindergarteners took up almost all the stalls, which sold material made by the children.

At 7.45am on Oct 10, school staff set up 40 tables and 80 chairs under five marquees, and posted signage for parking and toilets – all under threat of a looming storm.

Still, the rain never came though Ms Sebastian later learnt that trees were felled due to heavy rains at locations that were a “five minutes’ drive in any direction”.

The children proceeded to man their 30 stalls selling art and craft, and items for games and activities as the adults enjoyed wine or coffee while watching over their children.

The Little House Montessori raised $14,306.20 for the children at Assisi Hospice. This exceeded their target of $10,000.

Said Ms Sebastian, “This was our very first foray into fundraising and if murmurs from parents are anything to go by, we will be holding it again next year.”

By Joyce Gan
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