Father Thomas Euteneuer encourages Catholics to fight for life. Photo by Darren Boon

SINGAPORE – A renowned pro-life activist has compared abortion clinics to demonic temples in a bid to highlight the presence of the ‘Culture of Death’.

The abortion table is like an altar whereby babies are offered as blood sacrifices, said Father Thomas Euteneuer, who gave a talk to about 100 people at Church of the Risen Christ on Nov 16.

Father Euteneuer is President of Human Life International (HLI), a U.S.-based Catholic organisation that promotes the Church’s pro-life teachings.

“Abortion creates dynamic openings of spiritual evil” which in turn have been created by other evils, said Father Euteneuer.

He explained that “one cannot fight abortion without fighting the spiritual element”.

He gave six principles of confronting spiritual evil: through clarity, a rejection of evil, the closing of doorways to evil, undoing what has been done, be in a state of grace, and have authority over evil.

He warned the audience present of the incorrigible nature of the devil, and urged those present to refuse the seduction and deception of evil so as not to give it a foothold in their lives.

Undoing what has been done means renouncing evil on a personal level or, in difficult cases, turning to the Church for help, he said.

He added that in order for one to remain in the state of grace, one must have a prayerful life and practise the faith.

Christians have the authority to invoke the name of Jesus to bind and rebuke evil, said Father Euteneuer, but he advised against challenging the devil.

To destroy the ‘Culture of Death’ it is necessary for Catholics to be generous by embracing life and being pro-life, he added.

Froilan Yap, 38, and his wife, said that the evening’s session organised by Family Life Society affirmed his pro-life conviction, and that he felt encouraged by the presence of like-minded individuals.

The couple said that Father Euteneuer’s six principles will be helpful in helping them to cope with spiritual warfare.

Father Euteneuer was in Singapore en route to Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia for the 16th HLI Asia-Pacific Congress on Faith, Life and Family from Nov 19-22.

By Darren Boon
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