SINGAPORE – When youth leaders from Church of St. Francis of Assisi attended a communication workshop organised last year by Catholic Youth Archdiocesan Centre (CAYC) for parents and youth leaders working with youth, they found it so relevant and helpful that the team decided to rehash the workshop for their parish at Boon Lay Avenue and those in the West District.

On Monday Aug 10, Wireless@St. Francis of Assisi was held from 9.30am to 2.00pm. The speaker was Marion Neubronner, who has worked with thousands of youth. The workshop was organised to promote better communication and understanding between youth and their parents and with youth leaders.

Altogether, there were 16 parents and 14 youth leaders who attended the workshop – a majority were from St. Francis of Assisi.

During the workshop, Ms Neubronner provided “very humorous and practical” approaches to understand how youth think, the way to communicate with them and how to handle them. Participants were given the opportunity to seek clarification on issues they face with their youth or children, and also to put into practice certain skills, for example, counselling skills, that they had just learnt.

The workshop was organised by St. Francis of Assisi’s Bridging Light Youth Ministry, the two-year-old youth umbrella of the parish. Current ministries formed under Bridging Light have come from youth initiatives and include: the media ministry, which does a bi-monthly newsletter on parish affairs, posters and “anything related to the media”; TheatreWorkz, a drama ministry involved in major drama productions, and youth Masses gospel acting; and the music ministry which participates in praise and worship sessions, youth Mass choirs and anything related to music.

The youth ministry also organises programmes, activities, camps and retreats for youth. In the pipeline are the formation of cell-groups to act as a faith-sharing platform for youth to share about their experiences with God and their friends through a Catholic perspective, and a young adults group because “young adults have very different needs from youth”.

By Joyce Gan
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