KATHMANDU, Nepal – A bomb exploded in the Cathedral of the Assumption in Kathmandu, killing two persons and seriously injuring dozens of others. There were between 350 and 450 people in the church at the time. An eyewitness said that the bomb was planted by a middle-aged woman. It exploded when she left the church on the pretext of going to the toilet.

“This incident has greatly shocked the whole Catholic community”, said Father Shilas Bogati, who was leading morning prayer when the bomb went off.
About seven months back, the priests received a telephone threat saying to stop all Christian activities and institutions, “otherwise we will have serious consequences”, recalled Father Bogati. He said that at the time they did not take the threat seriously even though they had been warned by police.

After the bomb blast, a bundle of leaflets written by the Nepal Defence Army, a Hindu fundamentalist group, was found. The leaflets call for Nepal to be proclaimed a Hindu State and warn all foreigners and NGOs to leave Nepal.

The attack has been severely condemned by religious authorities in the country, including the leader of the nation’s Hindu community. - ASIANEWS

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