THE Pregnancy Crisis Service is more than a telephone helpline for those troubled by an unwanted pregnancy. Its volunteers counsel those who need help and provide free counselling at the KK Women's and Children's Hospital for those who want to abort their babies.

Recently, it also started running a shelter for mums who need a place to stay temporarily. These may include young unwed mums whose parents don't want the neighbours to know their daughter is expecting a baby.

Most of those who call the crisis centre are below 21 years old and some are still in school, said the service's co-ordinator, Rose Boon. Ms Boon, 60, said of these young mums:
They just want someone to accom-pany them on this painful journey.

She and her fellow volunteers help the pregnant youngsters explore the options, from giving up the baby for adoption to working out how to break the news to their families and teachers.
We do everything we can to help these girls, said Ms Boon.

What is the Pregnancy Crisis Service?
It is a 24-hour helpline run by trained volunteers, for girls and women struggling with unwanted pregnancies. The group was started in 1987. The hotline number is: 6339-9770.

Can you help?
The crisis centre needs volunteers to run its helpline and counselling services and other work.

Who to call?

- Source : CSCC
If you think you can help, call Rose Boon or May Yang at 6339-9770.

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