I WOULD LIKE to draw attention to the lack of facilities for babies and toddlers in our churches.

We have been taking our 15-month-old daughter to Sunday Mass since she was one month old. From day one, we noticed a lack of basic changing facilities for young children in the churches we go to. A basic pull-down baby change table in the toilets (in both men's and women's toilets), placed at the right height, would be much appreciated. I've seen couples change their wailing newborns on a hard bench!

And with the shift in attitudes about breastfeeding, it's time our churches take the first step to become more breastfeeding friendly. Not every mother is comfortable breastfeeding in public, so provide nursing rooms, please, so that mothers can nurse their children with some privacy. A simple, well-ventilated room with comfortable chairs is all that's needed.

I see many young families in church on Sunday, and I see many more pregnant couples. Please help all of us help our babies be comfortable during Mass so that others can pray in peace too.

Penelope Chan

Singapore 570140

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