AN ITALIAN man has had his marriage annulled on the grounds that his "interfering mother-in-law made his life hell".

Accountant Antonio Paolillo, 36, was granted an annulment by an ecclesiastical tribunal. Family lawyers said it was thought to be the first time that a marriage had been annulled by the church on such grounds.

Traditional reasons are refusal or inability to consummate the marriage, being forced into marriage or being under the influence of drugs at the time of the wedding ceremony. His marriage to 31-year-old Gemma lasted just four months before he fled the marital home because of his mother-in-law’s interfering.

His lawyer, Fabrizio Torre, successfully argued in a civil court to have the divorce granted and then won over a church court that granted him an annulment.

It meant that in the eyes of the Catholic Church the wedding never took place and Antonio, who is from Amalfi near Salerno in southern Italy, is free to marry again. n The Catholic Herald

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