Come June 2, we will be on Air! The CatholicSG Radio app will be launched in conjunction with World Communications Day, at the 10.30am Mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

As you may have read in the last edition of Catholic News, the radio station ran an advertisement calling for volunteers to help with a new initiative, CatholicSG Radio. The news was greeted enthusiastically and spotted in some Whatsapp chat groups were excited people across Singapore asking what this new thing is about!

Numerous enquiries flooded our email with offers of help and others asking for more information. So our grateful thanks to the many who have stepped up and said “YES!” ... not to us, but really to God – to be part of this initiative.

Well before we get overwhelmed, let us give you an idea of what this CatholicSG Radio is all about.
Imagine if you will, this script written as a radio interview. And for those who want to catch this LIVE – check out our Facebook page for the radio (audio) version!

Valerie: Hi! This is Val and you are joining us now at CatholicSG Radio for an exclusive interview with a couple of people who are going to tell us all about what we want to know about this special online streaming platform. Let’s begin with
André, Director of Communications for the Archbishop’s Office. ... Hi André, welcome to the programme!

André: Hi Val! It’s great to be back in the radio environment. Of course, this is not really “radio”. It is an online streaming platform for us to channel an audio stream of content. Let me just say that this is NOT free-to-air radio, but it is be delivered via an app and it will also be available for Internet web streaming through our Catholic.SG website. But for want of a better word, we’ve used “radio” as it’s easily understood by people.

Valerie: So tell us, what is the reason for setting up this online radio?

André: Well, we see this as a means of reaching out to people who are listeners. Our current outreach channels ranging from the Catholic News to our social media channels under the Catholic.SG banner – reach out to people who are readers and watchers. The one group that we’ve not connected with yet – are the listeners. At the same time, we see the trend of podcasts becoming increasingly popular especially over the last year. So, we asked ourselves – where’s the Catholic Truth in this whole picture? Are we sharing Jesus with our listeners? Well – that gave us the impetus to get this moving.

Valerie: And what kinds of programming can we expect?

André: Currently we are still keeping this fairly fluid, however listeners can expect that the stream will provide you with talkshows and interviews as well as great music. We’ve also made available podcasts for listeners to use on demand. We’ll have prayers and different programmes available – to listen at your pleasure. We’ve worked hard to ensure our content is relatable to all people; Catholic or not. One of our programmes will feature light casual talk with interviewees about their faith or testimonies. Then another, called “Off-The-Pulpit”, offers those who want to understand the Church better or the issues that challenge us as Catholics today. We’ll reach out to various priests who will share their thoughts and perspectives from the Church’s stance and their experience. Language programmes will be offered during the day beginning with Mandarin done in collaboration with the Archdiocesan Catholic Apostolate for the Mandarin Speaking (ACAMS).

Valerie: Wah! That sounds pretty exciting! And talk to us about the sort of music we are going to hear. What sort of music will the station be playing?

André: Ah – We are going in a big way to feature music that will inspire and bring people to God! These inspirational songs will also include suitable secular songs. For instance, we had an interviewee talk about how a Rod Stewart song actually helped him encounter God in his prayer! Now I don’t want to give away too much, but we will be highlighting our local talents like Corrinne May, Chris de Silva, Kenneth Ngo, Joseph Chng, John de Silva and many more.

Valerie: One more question for you, André – is this app the same as the CatholicSG app?

André: No it is not. This will be a totally different app from the CatholicSG app which focuses more on directory information required by Catholics. This new app will differentiate itself by offering more audio-visual content. We have the means to push out not just audio but also videos as well as photos. And like all apps, we will be streaming content throughout the day and night. Some parts may be repeated but this is also very much the norm for many streaming platforms so that listeners can catch programmes that they might have missed out earlier.

Valerie: Thank you André! Let us turn to our next guest – Chris Henson! Hi Chris – tell us, you are one of those who have jumped straight into this adventure with André and his team! What made you do this?

Chris: Hi Val – and it’s great to be on this! You know, our Church has to keep with the times and going digital with an online radio will definitely reach out to many, especially the youth, who are the future of the Church. I am happy to be part of this adventure, as I had always hoped to find a “Ministry” where I could contribute more effectively with the decades of performing experience behind me and using the vocal talent given by the Lord for whatever the Lord wills me to do.

Valerie: Thanks Chris for your sharing, and we’re grateful to have you on board. Up next we have Mei Chia who is no stranger to those who have tuned into MediaCorp Radio in the 90s. What made you want to get involved in this adventure?

Mei: I have been smitten by the Lord and in my joy, I want to share Him and His tremendous love in any way I can. Since He gave me the skillset for radio, how could I refuse to help with CatholicSG Radio? You could say He made it for me and made me for it.

Valerie: You’ll definitely hear more from Mei soon. Now last but not least, we also have with us Aloysius Tan, Founder of RadioACTIVE, who has been working tirelessly to set up the technical side of things. Now when you hear his voice, those of you familiar with the good old 98.7 FM would probably be sitting up and saying “I KNOW that voice!” So Loy why did you get involved and put so much time into this online streaming channel of ours?

Aloysius: Hi Val! And it’s my pleasure to help Catholic SG Radio takeoff. And to answer your question “Why?” Business is not just a transaction. Yes we have mouths to feed. But it’s got to be more than that. It’s also a relationship. Hopefully what we do can be meaningful and help others along the way. And if we can – learn more about ourselves and make more friends along the way. That makes it all the more worthwhile.

On a personal note, I guess I’m also doing this to honour a person who has meant a lot to me. Generous in many ways he welcomed me into his home and family, never expecting anything in return and never imposing. Gave me a listening ear when I needed one and advice when I asked for it. While he is no longer here, I think doing what I can to help make this channel a reality would be something he will be proud of.

Valerie: Well, thank you all for your time and giving us an idea of what CatholicSG Radio is all about. Oh one last question – when can we expect to get our hands on this wonderful radio?

André: We will be launching this on June 2, 2019, in conjunction with World Communications Day, at the 10.30am Mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. The app will be available for download on June 1, 2019, onwards at both the Google as well as Apple playstores. And if more of you who want to be part of our family of radio volunteers – called VITA Radio – we welcome you to drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have a chat with us.

Valerie: Thank you André! And that’s a wrap of our special edition on CatholicSG Radio. This has been Val signing off for CatholicSG Radio. Touching Hearts. Enlightening Minds!

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