At the April 10 interreligious event. From left: Sr Maria Lau, IJ, (chairperson of ACCIRD); Ms Tengku Suhailah binte Tengku Kamarudin (staff, Zakat and Wakaf Strategic Unit, Asset Development Cluster, Muis); Fr Avelino Marin, Opus Dei (ACCIRD member and moderator of panel discussion) and Rabbi Jean-Pierre Fettmann (Rabbi of Chesed El Synagogue).

Although there are differences in the understanding of when life begins, human life is a gift from God.

This was the agreement among three religious representatives during an April 10 interreligious panel and discussion.

Rabbi Jean-Pierre Fettmann, Ms Tengku Suhailah binte Tengku Kamarudin and Sr Maria Lau, IJ, were the three speakers from the Abrahamic faiths who spoke on the topic of birth and religious initiation in their respective religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

The discussion time allowed participants to dwell deeper into such topics as adoption and abortion and to appreciate the similarities and differences among the three religions.

More than 50 people attended the event held at the annex building of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

It was organised by the Archdiocesan Catholic Council for Interreligious Dialogue (ACCIRD) as the first in a series this year on life’s important milestones, the upcoming ones being on marriage and death.

Each event will only feature three speakers so as to provide more time for presentation and discussion.

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