I was flabbergasted to read that "The Da Vinci Code" movie poster with the image of Jesus was pasted on the floor, which resulted in commuters walking over it. This is really irresponsible act from both SMRT & Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Film (S).

This shows how insensitive they are to Christians & Christianity. And after complaining, they did not remove the posters but placed a barricade to prevent commuters from walking over it. The posters should not be pasted on the floor in the first place because it has the image of Jesus on it.

Jesus Christ is our God & it should not be pasted on the floor. This shows they have no respect for our God and is very insensitive to our religion. How can anyone  paste the picture or image of their God on the floor? Would they do the same for Muslim or Buddhist faiths? Definitely not.

We Christians are very tolerant. But there is a limit to it. If we are too tolerant, everyone would walk all over us as you can see from the two parties mentioned above did. Our tolerance should be to such a extend that we should be assertive when things go overboard.

We have to make a very firm stand to show that this is enough and we are not going to take it lying down anymore. And this is not in any form of violence. But to bring to court the parties involved and sue them for acting irresponsibly and insensitively towards our God & religion.

I urge all Christian groups/churches and the laity to come together and bring the concerned parties to court. This will not only create awareness but will also increase sensitivity and respect for our God & religion. If we leave things as it is the parties involved & even people of other religion will not show any respect to our God or religion. They will think they can say or do anything to our religion and get away with it. Therefore, this is a very serious issue which we must act fast.    Melvin Martin


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