Charities Week 2017 is set to launch on March 11

Charities Week 2017 appeal envelope.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

“Charity is born of the call of a God who continues to knock on our door, the door of all people, to invite us to love, to compassion, to service of one another.” – Pope Francis

This Lent, as we come before God searching for union with the crucified Jesus in His suffering, let us also contemplate on the mystery of the incarnate God, who in His infinite mercy, “though he was rich, he became poor for your sake, so that through his poverty, you might become rich” (2 Cor 8:9).

What does it mean “to become rich”? In the eyes of the world, to be rich is to amass material wealth; more than what we truly need. In truth, we are truly rich when we are able to give life to others, be it in the form of emotional or financial or moral support. When we are able to share from our wealth – of time, money, talents, health, we experience the joy and richness of sharing in the love of God!

The beatitudes of Jesus are the blueprint to a blessed life of which the call to be merciful through identification with the sufferings, injustices and deprivation of our brothers and sisters in their spiritual and physical needs is paramount for our happiness in life.

Archbishop Goh: Let us reach out in love.

This year, the mission of the Catholic Charities Week Appeal has been expanded to benefit our Catholic charities in areas that include:

- Helping the poor and needy.
- Nurturing the young.
- Enriching family relationships.
- Providing for the elderly.
- Caring for the marginalised.

We are invited to respond by sharing our blessings with the less fortunate in our society. Let us use this blessed time of Lent to look deep within our hearts to see how we can participate in this call to love more generously.

Let us recognise in the face of our brothers and sisters the face of Christ who became poor for our sake. Let us reach out in love and Christ-like charity to give the poor, the sick, the destitute and the oppressed the hope of a brighter future, and the means to live in dignity as sons and daughters of God.

Mother Teresa who made caring for the poor her life’s purpose, said: “If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.”

Help us put into action her mission to love our brothers and sisters in need.

When you support the Catholic Charities Week Appeal of 2017, you will not just be helping to provide financial support
– you transform lives. Let us therefore be recognised as Jesus’ disciples by being rich in love, in mercy and compassion.

Yours in Christ,

Most Rev William Goh
Archbishop of Singapore

About Charities Week

Charities Week is an annual event organised by Caritas Singapore, the social and community arm of the Archdiocese of Singapore. It is the umbrella body for 25 Catholic charities that help more than 50,000 beneficiaries regardless of race or religion. It is also a member of Caritas Internationalis, a global confederation of 165 humanitarian organisations.

Donations to Charities Week 2017 will help Caritas Singapore’s member organisations and Agape Village to serve diverse and marginalised groups including low-income families, youths at risk, ex-prisoners, those with physical disabilities and those with mental health problems.

How to donate: Pick up a Charities Week 2017 appeal envelope from your parish. Donations can be made in the following ways:

Cash: Drop the appeal envelope in your parish offertory box with your cash donation.

Cheque: Write a cheque payable to Caritas Singapore and drop the appeal envelope in your parish offertory box or mail it to: 55 Waterloo Street #08-01 Catholic Centre Singapore 187954.

Credit card: Charities Week Campaign will be available from March 11 at

Tax deductions: Charities Week donations are tax deductible. Please ensure that the option to request for tax deduction is selected and provide the necessary details (i.e. name as per NRIC, and NRIC number).

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