As we draw closer to Tues, Feb 14, the day of the Dedication Mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the air is thick with anticipation and excitement.

This historic event on the Catholic calendar, is an archdiocesan celebration for everyone! The church grounds will see priests, Religious and Catholics from all over Singapore celebrating Masses and reaching out to the young people, the elderly, the aged and sick, and families; also our lapsed Catholic brothers and sisters, and not forgetting the poor and needy, throughout the 13 days of celebration.

As the communities converge, let us also remember with deep gratitude the many people who built our Mother Church – through hardships, sacrifices and with great fidelity handed down the faith to us over the past 170 years – since it began in 1847, and its dedication in 1897.

Today, as we celebrate this historic event, we also rejoice and renew our commitment to build our archdiocese into a vibrant Church. We also look to each other and recognise one another as a family; the flock of the Good Shepherd.

Learn about the cathedral with the heritage trails around the compound and at the Heritage Gallery. Discover too the significance of the statues and “spiritual gardens” that will draw you into reflecting on the life of Jesus in the Gospels – the Gardens of Eden, Gethsemane, Calvary, Tomb and God in our Daily Living; not forgetting Our Lord in the Perpetual Adoration chapel.

An invitation from cathedral rector, Msgr Philip Heng, SJ

Nightly, we hope to entice people to discover such spiritual riches in our Mother Church by distributing prayer cards to lead you through these spiritual stations of our cathedral. This historic event will also showcase the different archdiocesan organisations like Caritas (and affiliates), CHARIS and Archdiocesan Commission for the Family (ACF).

And to close the celebrations, do come and participate in the solemn, yet joyous Closing Mass on Sun, Feb 26, presided by His Grace, Archbishop William Goh, with candlelight procession of the Blessed Sacrament.

Be part of Mother Church and discover the joy of our community.

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