Alumnae of the Canossian Alumni Association figuring out their hints during the Canossian Heritage Race for Funds held on July 9. Alumnae of the Canossian Alumni Association figuring out their hints during the Canossian Heritage Race for Funds held on July 9.

Instead of a themed dinner or dance party, this year’s Canossian’s Connect, an annual event of the Canossian Alumni Association, took place outdoors in a form of a race.

The Canossian Heritage Race for Funds was held on July 9 and the flag off was at the parochial house of St Joseph’s Church, Victoria Street.

The event was fashioned after The Amazing Race, a popular reality show.

Participants were made up of teachers, nuns and ex-students of St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School (SAC) with graduates from 1972 to 2014, as well as children of alumni who are still studying in Canossian primary schools.

Participants had to get to 10 stations around the Civic District within three hours and perform tasks assigned to them.

Challenges of the race included climbing up the 173 steps at Fort Canning Hill to play Zero Point, a traditional childhood game, travelling to Little India to get a henna tattoo, performing a Bollywood dance and singing the school song outside the Victoria Theatre, and kicking at least 15 shots of the chaptek, a weighted shuttlecock. These games were reminiscent of the activities the alumni did in school.

The race was plotted using technology and hints were executed through QR codes. Scores were based on video streaming and online reporting.

The organising sub-committee of the race roped in about a dozen young members who graduated between 2010 to 2014 to organise the event.

This was the first time that they were engaged in an official alumni activity after membership was recently launched for graduates aged below 21.

After the event, Ms Wong Ying Leng, a graduate of 1995, echoed the sentiments of many when she shared: “The race brought back memories being a Canossian student. It left me warmed and made me sure that I will enrol my daughter into Canossian education just like I did.”

Proceeds of the race will go to the upgrading of the Canossa Heritage Gallery at Canossa Convent.

Canossa Heritage Gallery

Marking 75 years of existence, the Canossa Heritage Gallery has been set up to keep the historical memories of 1 Sallim Road, now called the Canossian Eduplex.

It is home to Canossa Convent, Canossa Convent Primary School, Canossaville Children’s Home, Magdalene’s Kindergarten and the Canossian School (for the hearing impaired).

The setting up of the Canossa Heritage Gallery is supported by the National Heritage Gallery.

It will be officially opened in August.

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