The following are points of clarification provided by the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace with regard to the church renovation story in CN, July 13:

The headline for the article should read “Queen of Peace Church undergoes renovation as she celebrates her 60th anniversary”.

The reason for the renovation is so that the church can look more attractive outside as well as inside to people.

The theme of the church design is to depict the various aspects of Mary’s name as Queen. As one enters the church by the main door, from the entrance there is a clear view of a bright green star directly above the statue of Our Lady at the main sanctuary. It comes across as the Star of the Sea, a title given to her.

There will also be new life-size statues of the 12 Apostles and Archangels Gabriel and Michael along the 14 pillars inside the church as the queenship of Mary includes her as Queen of Angels and Queen of Apostles.

Archbishop William Goh will celebrate the parish feast day Mass on Aug 15 at 7 pm. During the Mass, he will consecrate the newly renovated church as it has never been consecrated before, only blessed.

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