Chinese Fr Joseph Zhang Liyong, Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord (CDD)Chinese Fr Joseph Zhang Liyong, Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord (CDD)
When was the last time you had fun? Name the occasion.
The last time I had fun was when I went for an outing with Chinese migrants. We played a game called “four-legged race”. Before the race, my team agreed to walk faster. In the end, our group ended up last. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself.
Name an occasion you felt embarrassed or humbled.
One day, I went to give the last rites to a bedridden person. He wanted to make a confession. He said to me, “Father, I want to make a good confession, I will confess all the sins that I have committed since I was young.” I was touched by his humility. At the same time, I felt humbled. An elderly man confessed his sins to a priest who was less than half his age.
Name an occasion when you felt God was far away.
Recently, I felt that God was far away from me when I struggled to find inspiration to prepare homilies.
What do you like best about being a Religious/consecrated person?
Having a community of Brothers sharing the same vision and mission. Bringing consolation to people through ministering the sacraments and pastoral visits.

What are the usual distractions during your prayer time? What do you do about them?
Sleepiness and thinking about the things I need to do during the day. I try to stay awake by changing prayer locations. When I realise I am thinking about the things I am going to do, I tell myself that since I cannot do them now, it is better to stay focused on my prayer.

Pope Francis calls for a Church for the poor, by the poor. How do you live that within your vocation?
I try to live out the vow of poverty by living a simple life. When people who are in real need come for help, I try my best to help.

What do you like doing most when with your biological family?
Being with them and getting to know their life during family meals.
Favourite book or author?
I like the colourful biography of St John Bosco, the life stories of St John Mary Vianney, and St Therese of Liseux.

Favourite food?
I like the Teochew dessert orh nee (yam paste).

What do you normally do to relax?
Play badminton, walk or swim.

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