SINGAPORE – The 2009 red packets for Chinese New Year produced by the China Catholic Communication (Zhonglian Centre) have a picture of ?ve loaves (pineapple tarts) and two ?shes on the cover to depict the parable of the ?ve loaves and two ?shes.

Pictures of the Holy Family were used on the cover in previous years. China Catholic Communication President Patrick Lee says the words from Scripture, “They ?lled 12 baskets with the fragments of the ?ve barley loaves which remained over and above to them that had been eaten…” together with the popular Chinese New Year wishes, “Nian nian you yu” (“Blessings of abundance for every year”) connote these beautiful biblical stories with our non-Catholic friends at Chinese New Year too” and he encouraged Catholics to do so.

“I was able to share this story with our printer who printed our red packets,” Mr Lee said. “He is a Buddhist and he thanked me for telling him this story, because he had never heard it before.”

“The pictures of the loaves and ?shes are [means of] inculturation, especially the crossed pineapple tarts,” Mr Lee added.

The China Catholic Communication (Zhonglian Centre) helps overseas Chinese Catholics keep in touch with the Church in China.

The 2009 red packets are available at Carlo Bookshop, and bookshops at these parishes: Novena, Holy Spirit, St. Michael, Blessed Sacrament, Nativity of the B.V.M., Risen Christ, Queen of Peace, St. Bernadette and Immaculate Heart of Mary

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