CFSM Newsletter, Dec 2014:
Here is the story of Joan, who stood firm by her unborn child, in spite of ...

I was 39 when suffering from menstrual type pains and bleeding I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids by a doctor of a reputable hospital. He also concluded that infertility would be one result, and that there is a near zero chance that I would ever conceive. The doctor strongly recommended the removal of my womb, consoling me that it is not a “major type operation”. As I was not willing to have my womb removed, I was prescribed pain killers.

When I was 40, I conceived. Believing that I was “infertile” I did not realize that I was pregnant. I just thought that my weight gains and missed periods were symptoms of the work and life stresses I was experiencing at that time. I saw a GP and was shocked when the pregnancy tests came back positive. I was already 7 months pregnant, and soon after I started to bleed again, and was hospitalized. After 5 days the first doctor who spoke to me pressurized me to abort the baby, telling me that both my baby and I would die due to the fibroids, which are bleeding. When I refused, he sent a lady doctor associate and 2 nurses who at different moments of the day came and piled pressure on me to abort. I was frightened, felt threatened, and furious. I demanded to be discharged. The lady doctor made me sign an indemnity to protect their hospital should I face “complications” in future.

While I understand her point of view, I felt unsafe, for these doctors did not seem to value the life of the unborn child. To add to my burden, my husband agreed with the doctors, adding that at my age we might have a deformed or defective child.

I went to a 3rd hospital to seek help from a renowned gynecologist. This lady doctor also feared complications and when she realized that I would not be able to afford her bills she sent me to a “less expensive” doctor. So I went to this subsidized clinic which was not specialized in high-risk pregnancies. In this place I met more doctors that I have ever seen in my life.

Thank God, among them was a lady doctor who was willing to help me deliver my child. She did not talk about money.

Finally, when the time came I gave birth to my baby by Caesarean section,

In my semi-conscious state I heard the doctor said that I was bleeding. Another doctor came and helped stop it. The surgery lasted two and a half hours, instead of the usual 40 minutes.

When my baby was placed next to me I cried and cried for joy.

God works miracles!

Joan, mother in 2012.

CFSM Reflections:
  1. 1. Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God. ……… no one can therefore claim for himself the right to destroy an innocent human being.” (CCC.2258).

  2. “God made man in his image” – ( Genesis 9.6).

  3. Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception…… (CCC.2270)“Before I form you in the womb I knew you.” (Jerem 1,5) (Psalm 139,15).

  4. Since the 1st Century, the Church has affirmed the moral evil of abortion….. “abortion is an abominable crime..” (Didache 2,2 ……CCC.2271).

  5. A person who procures a completed abortion incurs ex-communion…. The Church makes clear the gravity of the crime committed…..” (CCC. 2272).

  6. The moment the civil “law” deprives a category of human beings of the protection which civil legislation ought to accord them, the State is denying the equality of all before the law. When the State does not place its powers at the service of the rights of each citizen (specially the more vulnerable, the very foundations of a State based on Law are undermined…” (CCC.2273)
  1. If we stand for life, Think of one way where you can stand by the voiceless or the defenseless in your place of work or in your neighborhood.
  2. Let us teach our children that the right thing to do is to stand by, to help, to protect the weak, the most vulnerable persons in their class or their circle of friends.
  3. As friends of our social circle, as neighbors, as citizens, how do we stand up for life, for the weak? Decide on one action and just do it.
article and reflections by Fr. A. Christophe

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