Educators and parents attended the special Mass for teachers on Sept 13. Photo: Hilary Isaac Hoe Educators and parents attended the special Mass for teachers on Sept 13. Photo: Hilary Isaac Hoe More than 200 educators and parents attended a Teachers’ Day Mass organised by the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS).

Msgr Ambrose Vaz and Fr Edward Seah celebrated the Mass held on Sept 13 at St Joseph’s Institution Junior.

A true educator is someone who not only imparts knowledge, but also “the reason, purpose, and goal in using that knowledge”, said Msgr Vaz. “All knowledge comes from God, and all knowledge is used to appreciate and serve God,” he added.

He affirmed that “this is what education today is all about”. Students are able to learn science and other subjects, but do they also recognise God as the source of this knowledge, “and to use it to serve Him?” Msgr Vaz asked.

Concluding his homily, Msgr Vaz highlighted the Mass’ theme, “Christ, Our Claim to Proclaim”. Through His great act of love and humility, Christ becomes “our reason and essence to be able to teach and communicate knowledge to others. Because essentially, true knowledge, true wisdom, truth itself, is Jesus Christ,” he said.

Mr Edwin Lim, 38, who is a teacher at De La Salle School said, “The message today really resonates with me because it isn’t easy to be a teacher, especially when trying to instil values in my students. I don’t see this job as simply teaching or imparting knowledge.”

Mr Timothy Goh, 42, principal of St Joseph’s Institution Junior, associated the patience and love required of teachers to the love exemplified by Jesus.

“Teachers are often prepared to make sacrifices for students,” he said.

“We hope that through events such as this, teachers may get the chance to share with each other and journey together in their calling as a Catholic educator,” said Ms Wendy Louis, executive director of ACCS.

Other ACCS-organised events in the near future include a year-end gathering for school chaplaincy teams on Oct 10, a gathering of Catholic school leaders and educators on Nov 7, and a Catholic Education Conference on March 16 next year.

By Damien Teo

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