A HEALTHY spirituality is one that joyfully surrenders to God's Will, offering all sufferings and humiliations in a spirit of reparation so that even the downside of life is seen as a blessing. This surrender to God includes die way we accept ourselves and our own life. Let's face it, some lives are messier than others. But God can draw good from evil and joy from sorrow. It's so important to trust Him.

Although I may not be all mat Td like to be, I know mat I have to accept my life because it is in die here and now of the present moment dial God calls me to love Him and serve Him and be happy with Him. It's His will that I make a reasonable effort to be good and that I enjoy it in the bargain.

In terms of your own life, do you see that God has been at work in all the choices you've made? However wise or unwise your decision may appear to be in the light of what your now know, the fact is, God has been with you all through your life, in times of triumph and failure, health and sickness, caring for you all the time with a tender love that knows no limits. And God doesn't want you to put yourself down.

In accepting my own life I try to keep a positive attitude towards myself. Although I'm far from perfect I know I'm a good person trying to be better. I embrace my life as a wonderful gift. It's easy at this point in my life, but what will happen in my old age? I pray now for the courage and grace to continue in this joyful spirit when I'm old and sick.

Looking ahead isn't a bad idea. So when you consider making some new resolutions, begin by trying to accept and love yourself a litde more. Treat your body well, exercise it, nourish it properly, don't abuse it. Your self-respect depends on self-love, and care for the body is an important component of this effort.

Above all stop calling yourself unkind names. The more you affirm yourself, the less you will be inclined to put yourself down.

God is delighted with you when you tty to look at die bright side of life. When you do, you do yourself a service, and you give glory to die Father, not to mention your neighbour who doesn't need any more grumbling.

The bottom line of selfaffirmation is saying no to sin. You deserve to be happy and sin only brings sadness, so tty, tty again. A clean conscience is its own reward.

by Fr John Catoir

The Catholic News, February 18, 1990 - page 9

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