CN, June 15CN, June 15The reasons given by young people who have not been going to Mass regularly, as reported by Clara Lai (Young People Who Don’t Attend Church, CN, June 15), make for interesting reading.

They are not that insurmountable.

If the Catholic Church wants to lead those who have left back to the fold, she has to do a lot of soul searching and for this, hopefully, the Office for Young People can be up to the task.

Find out what is it in the Catholic Church that is driving the youths away to other religions or into the wilderness.
Is it, to quote:

• “Mass...can be a little dry”?
• “see it [Mass] as a ritual and not a need”? Such as same routine, e.g.  Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Eucharist etc.
• “the church was too indoctrinating and stifling”?
• “the homilies. A lot of them I couldn’t relate to”?

All these are valid reasons.

Fr Brian D’Souza’s take that “our world has changed and the prevalent philosophies such as relativism, subjectivism and secularism” have pervaded our societies is spot on.

When human beings are exposed to all these changes, they start to question the ways the Catholic Church is being managed.
I am not particularly worried. I understand those who want to leave the Church. I wish them a happy journey in search of the truth.

There is this “God’s quiet presence in our lives” as mentioned by Fr Ronald Rolheiser. They will be safe.

The Catholic Church, based on Christ’s teaching, has given humanity a blueprint to live a life that supports each and every individual being to find their destiny on this Earth and the afterlife. Some accept this blueprint, others do not.

Joseph Tan

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