Archbishop William Goh speaking at the Mass.Archbishop William Goh speaking at the Mass.Charismatic Catholics packed the Church of the Risen Christ on June 7 for a rousing Pentecost Rally and Mass.

In his message for the rally, Redemptorist Fr Simon Pereira told the Charismatic communities from the various parishes and institutions that Christians need the Holy Spirit to breathe life into their work and ministries.

Otherwise, they would just be like the “dry bones” mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel, he said, during the celebration organised by the Singapore Archdiocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal (SACCRE).

Archbishop William Goh, in his homily during the sunset Mass, shared that his vision is to create a more dynamic and evangelical Catholic Church in Singapore. 

He stressed that “vision” is different from “ambition”, which is about personal achievement.

The crowd at the Pentecost Rally on June 7. Photos: MIRLANI BUDISETIAThe crowd at the Pentecost Rally on June 7. Photos: MIRLANI BUDISETIA
Vision is about doing the work of God as inspired by the Holy Spirit, he said.

Archbishop Goh, who concelebrated the Mass with SACCRE spiritual director Carmelite Fr Tom Curran and former SACCRE spiritual director Fr Pereira, noted that people nowadays are self-centric.

Redemptorist Fr Simon Pereira at the rally.Redemptorist Fr Simon Pereira at the rally.
This results in the loss of values, such as a lack of respect for  ecology, resorting to abortion when having a baby is seen as inconvenient, and to euthanasia when the elderly are regarded as useless.

Christians do not live only for the present; they live for eternity, so they have to offer a wider vision of life for the rest of humanity, said Archbishop Goh.

He noted that people are looking for more authentic freedom which only the Holy Spirit can give.

He said that Charismatics are doing a good job of creating a greater awareness of the Holy Spirit working in people.

Mr Tony Tan, a Risen Christ parishioner, told CatholicNews he felt the joy and the power of the Holy Spirit at the rally. “I felt the Holy Spirit calling us to spread the joy of the salvation won for us by Christ Jesus,” he said.

By Vincent Especkerman

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