Three Year Plan

"Religious informers"- an army of Red agents trained in Catholicism who are trying in Czechoslovakia to separate the laity from the clergy and the clergy from the Bishops, believe that the Church there will be liquidated in three years.

Although few priests have weakened under their pressure, the informers hope by then to have isolated the bishops and put the administration of their dioceses in the hands of priests "faithful to the regime."

The process of annihilation, they think, must be cautious and gradual. Rather than destroy the Church now they are trying to fashion it into an instrument of the State. They try to attract priests and leading Catholics to the Communist cause by discrediting the Church.

The most fanatical Communist Party members were chosen as "religious informers" last summer, but their failure to win priests to ' the spurious "Catholic Action" was believed to be due to their lack of knowledge of Catholicism. So courses were started for them.

To succeed they must win the allegiance of the lower clergy so that they can be used as tools of the regime and lose the esteem of the faithful.

The Red agents attach the bishops as . "fanatical adherents of the imperialistic policy of the Vatican."

They question priest for hours at a time and publish their remarks out of context for propaganda purposes. An elaborate chart on the family, morals and politics of each priest is kept.

In each town the informers set up so-called "Catholic Action" groups and try to recruit Catholics.

The Malayan Catholic Newsletter, July 2, 1950 pg 2


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