Three Basic Societies Supply What Man Needs

Communism as a way of life is doomed to fail, because Communism is not human. The basic needs, wants, and powers of human nature are denied or crushed by the Marxian philosophy. In time, then, Communism, though it may sweep a continent by force, will fall to pieces. It is as easy to take from a man the air he breathes, as to take from him his nature's needs.

No man is complete in himself. He is essentially a social animal, depending on his fellow men for basic needs, and satisfying these needs only through the help of his fellow men. It is of his very nature to seek his goals and happiness in company and in union with his neighbour. There are three fundamental societies on which man depends: the family, the state, and the Church. Each of them enables the individual to achieve aims and to satisfy basic needs that he would be quite unable to achieve and to satisfy alone. The family is the basic cell or unit of society. It is the first society, really, made up of husband, wife, and child. It is an absolute necessity for the continuance of the race and for the well-being both of parent and of child.

There is something that, at first sight, seems a contradiction. The sex instinct the least orderly, steady, and controlled of all man's instincts- outside of marriage can result only in destruction and unhappiness. But in marriage the power of sex is directed into its proper service- the giving of life- and loses its power to destroy. The union of man and wife through love provides perfect conditions for the rearing of the child. The basic society of the human race -the family -is the most important of all social relationships and the most necessary for the welfare of the human race.

But just as under ordinary conditions, the individual cannot find perfect fulfilment of himself outside of marriage, so individual families cannot provide for their needs, nor give scope for full development of their members. They must unite in a larger society, the state, to enjoy that cooperation, that helping of one another that can alone provide the bodily, intellectual. and spiritual needs of individuals and families.

But if men must join together in seeking their material and bodily requirements and development, they must join too in working out their eternal salvation. The Mystical Body of Christ, the Church, completely satifies the natural, basic needs of man. As members of the Mystical Body, as brothers in Christ, all human beings are united directly with God, and through God with one another. This, as a matter of fact, is the closest and most intimate society in the world, for all share in the same supernatural life, the life of Christ.

Errors about the nature of man have caused terrible disasters, as history shows us. The Protestants of the 16th century were basically wrong in their idea of the nature of man- they made him purely an individualist, separated from his fellows, as if society was not one body. No longer was he to work together with his fellows for salvation, but by direct union with God alone. This was the result of the Protestant doctrine of private interpretation of the Bible. Each man could explain it as he liked for himself, and there was to be no authority to guide him against mistakes. He just had to do his best on his own account.

Naturally this individualism did not work out. Its failure made it easy for the opposite error of Communism to• rush in and possess men's minds. The isolated individuals found in Communism the union or society that every man needs; it enabled the~1 to band together, to work together for then• advancement.

But in exchanging one error for another, they exchanged one slavery for another. For Communism violates the nature of man by placing the State before the individual man. I t makes each of us a mere tool of the State. Instead of the State's providing• for the needs and wants of man, which is the whole purpose of the State, it is decreed by the Communists that each human being shall give all he has and his own life service to provide the needs and wants of the State. Human nature is stood upon its head.

Even from a purely natural point of view, and without entering into the higher spiritual needs and wants of man. Communism must fail. It will never force human nature into its pattern any more than making a coat with three sleeves will cause a man to grow an extra arm.

The family, the state, and the Church these three societies care for each man from his very birth. They give him the powers and satisfaction and happiness that he could never hope to achieve by himself, but. can find only in union with his fellows.

The Malayan Catholic Newsletter, August 27, 1950. pg 3

Three Basic Societies Supply

What Man Needs

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