Desmond Lim and Jenny Teo seen here with their children Reuben and Chloe.
A simple question from a priest left a deep impression on married couple Desmond Lim and Jenny Teo.

Fr Andrew Wong, parish priest of Church of the Holy Spirit, had asked the couple why they decided to send their daughter, Chloe, to a Catholic school for her primary education when they themselves were not Catholics.

“Why are we not Catholics? This question kept ringing in my husband’s head. It came as an awakening knock to him. He knew that he had to find the answer,” Ms Teo shared.

Her husband, Desmond, at that time, was also searching for answers in his life, she added.

She initially participated in the RCIA journey to accompany him, Ms Teo recalled. However, as she journey progressed, she realised that God was also calling her to the faith.

Although she was exposed to Catholicism as both her parents had embraced it, family and work demands had distanced her from the faith.

Early this year, the couple’s daughter, Chloe, suffered two seizures which alarmed them. At the hospital, they prayed and the prayers apparently calmed them down.

Chloe was diagnosed as having been infected with viral meningitis. The couple then asked the parish’s RCIA ministry to pray for Chloe.

“Through the power of prayers, we believe that God healed Chloe and removed the virus,” said Ms Teo. The incident was a learning experience for the couple.

“I have come to learn that God works in mysterious ways and always in our best interests. My daughter’s seizure was really a wake-up call to us. Through faith and trust in God, He will answer our prayers,” said Ms Teo.

“Our family has become closer than ever before. We believe that by lifting up all our emotional worries and difficulties to God, He will guide us to overcome them.”

The couple now look forward to serving in the RCIA ministry, said  Ms Teo.

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