"Now that the Rosary is obsolete, Father Peyton...”

Father Patrick Peyton, the Holy Cross priest who brought the family Rosary into millions of homes, wouldn't bat an eye if you put it to him that way. He's used to such banter, and to wrestling seriously with the problem of decline in devotion to the Rosary and indeed in devotion to Mary.

"I've never been so optimistic about the Rosary, or about devotion to Mary," the Irish-born priest told NC News.

"And that isn't just whistling in the dark,” he said.
Most Catholics do not know that a priest wrote the words and a Catholic organist the music for the most beautiful and best-liked of atl Christmas hymns, SILENT NIGHT. Nor do they know that a broken church organ was the cause for its composition.

It all happened in the village of Arnsdorf, high up in the Tyrolese mountains, near Salzburg, the night after a heavy snowstorm had isolated the little settlement. Inside the tiny church, Franz Gruber was greatly upset when he discovered that the church organ was broken. The storm had cut off any chance of getting repairs from the nearest village, and all Gruber's cherished hopes of playing the elaborate Christmas music were wiped out.


3 desertspoonfuls rice.
1 pint of milk
Pinch of salt
2 dessertspoonfuls sugar.
1 egg.
Method: Put the rice in a pie-dish with sufficient water to cover. Bake about ten minutes, slowly, till the rice begins to swell and absorbs the water. Remove from the oven, stir in the milk, egg, salt, sugar and nutmeg. Return to the oven and bake slowly for 1 1/2 hours.

M for the million things she gave me.
0 means she is growing old.
T for tbe tears she shed to save me.
H for her heart of purest gold.
E for her eyes of love-light shining.
R for right, and right she will be

Put them together, and they'll spell
A word which means the wide world to me.

Future Catholic child students might do well to analyse from the standpoint of educational psychology some of the great heritage of proverbs concerning the training of little children which are found in Catholic countries. Here are a few from a hundred that have been collected from many lands.

Up to his fifth year, the child is your master; up to his tenth, he is your servant; up to his fifteenth your counsellor; and after that he is either your friend or your enemy.

Children are the pledge of wedded life, mother's best playmates, the blessing on the house, the poor man's riches. Children have their angels.
There are many Catholic children who attend non-Catholic schools. Some parents have no option-there is nothing else. Others are perhaps ruled by a species of snobbery. Some plead the distance and lack of transportation, which can often be overcome if two or three of the parents put their heads together about it. Nothing is ever done by being haphazard and lackadaisical, by sitting at home sighing. "I do wish I could send Kathleen to a Catholic school." You must set to work and leave no stone unturned to get her to one!

Many parents are absolutely unable to do anything, and this article is not for them, of course. Th{!y have to take extra pains to teach their children the Catechism and read to them from good books, and see that they are prepared for the Sacraments in due course, and also give them a thoroughly good example every day.
Clear Instructions For Formosa

TAIPEI, FORMOSA, (NC): The Bishops of Formosa have issued instructions to the clergy here regarding Catholic participation in traditional Chinese rites and ceremonies. A joint statement signed by Thomas Cardinal Tien, S.V.D., Apostolic Administrator of the Taipei archdiocese, and other Bishops laid down five rules:

1. Catholics invited to the banquet which follows Pai-Pai may attend if they do not enter the pagan temple. (Pai-Pai is a pagan religious rite honouring a local god to which all friends and relatives of the person giving it are invited.)

2. Tablets bearing the names of deceased persons may be set out, but without the use of the term "Lingwei," which means the location or place of the soul.

3. Bows or prostrations before these tablets or the coffins of the deceased are permitted.

4. Catholics may place fruit or other food before the tablets of the dead or before graves.

5. The offering of paper money or the burning of it is prohibited.
Baptism is being born again with Christ. This is a new Exodus. We celebrate the birth of the new member. We pray for the Spirit to come upon all of us.

AN ADULT Catholic today is encouraged, after a period of form action which we have described in this book, to make his or her commitmen to the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil, the most important liturgical celebration in the Church’s calendar.

In military terms, this would be called a “passing out parade”, when the soldier has finished basic training, and passed the exams. The celebration must be the best possible, to indicate how important is this step into the full ranks of the army.

St Paul describes the commitment of the Christian using military terms. He says that we wrestle, not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness (Eph 6:12). For this reason, we must put on the “whole armour of God”, the virtues, and stand fast in the day of b attle (Eph. 6:13). He tells Timothy, his pastoral assistant, to fight like a good soldier of Jesus Christ (1 Tim 1:18) “with faith and a good conscience for your w eapons”.
BANGKOK: ABOUT 20,000 people attended the closing ceremonies of a five-day celebration for the beatification of the Seven Martyrs of Thailand. The celebrations, held in Song Kon, a village in the northeast province of Nakhon Phanom, followed earlier ceremonies at the Vatican at which Pope John Paul II proclaimed the martyrs blessed.

The seven martyrs - a catechist, two Religious sisters, a housewife and three teenage girls - were murdered in December 1940 for refusing to renounce their faith during a police drive in Song Kon, to stamp out Christianity.

Thousands of Catholics from throughout Thailand were in the village each day of the celebrations, which included processions and sermons on renewal and conversion. But the biggest crowd came for the closing ceremonies and Eucharistic celebration on Dec 10. Cardinal Michael Michai Kitbunchu of Bangkok celebrated the Mass from an altar set up on the banks of the Mekong River overlooking Laos.
Q: How are we to explain the fact that in the Old Testament several notable men are said to have had many wives, whereas we Christians consider polygamy to be a sin, and we Catholics do not even permit divorce and remarriage?

A: lt is indeed true that the practice of polygamy was a common and accepted practice at certain periods in Old Testament history. We read of King Solomon, for example, that "he had seven hundred wives of princely rank and three hundred concubines." (Kgs 11:3) And we must conclude that this was a privilege that only kings enjoyed.

Probably only kings and the like could afford to have as many wives as did King Solomon, but the legislation found in Deuteronomy 21:150, seems to presuppose the situation of one man with at least two wives. Since the book of Deuteronomy was written some time after 622/21 B.C., I think that we can assume that the practice was acceptable even at that relatively late date in Old Testament history.
A HEALTHY spirituality is one that joyfully surrenders to God's Will, offering all sufferings and humiliations in a spirit of reparation so that even the downside of life is seen as a blessing. This surrender to God includes die way we accept ourselves and our own life. Let's face it, some lives are messier than others. But God can draw good from evil and joy from sorrow. It's so important to trust Him.

Although I may not be all mat Td like to be, I know mat I have to accept my life because it is in die here and now of the present moment dial God calls me to love Him and serve Him and be happy with Him. It's His will that I make a reasonable effort to be good and that I enjoy it in the bargain.
THE Cathedral of the Good Shepherd was packed to capacity at the 10 am Mass, Sunday, Jan 21, for a very special reason. The Apostolic Pronuncio, His Excellency Archbishop Alberto Tricarico presided at the investiture ceremony of Mgr J.R. de Rozario who was promoted to the rank of honorary Prelate of die Holy Father.

It was in recognition of his long and faithful service to the Archdiocese of Singapore and to the Apostolic Nunciature and the person of the Apostolic Pronuncio to the Republic of Singapore.

Concelebrating with the Vatican Ambassador were Archbishop Gregory Yong and 18 priests from the Archdiocese. Present also were representative groups from the various religious communities as well as council members of the Inter-Religious Organisation of which Mgr Rozario is the Catholic representative.
VATICAN CITY: EASTERN prayer and meditation, while having positive elements, "is not free from dangers and errors" harmful to Catholic spirituality, said a Vatican document approved by Pope John Paul II.

Because of the growing interest in Eastern methods among Catholics, there is an "urgent need" to define the elements of prayer essential for Christianity in any fusion with techniques borrowed from Buddhism and Hinduism, said the document, a letter to the world's Catholic bishops.

Eastern methods were defined as Zen, transcendental meditation and yoga. Also criticized were some of the physical exercises associated with them.

The document said it also was a reference point "in a more general way, for the different forms of prayer practiced nowadays in ecclesial organisations, particularly in associations, movements and groups."
SITUATED at the back building of the former Saint Francis Seminary in Ponggol Rd, Singapore, is the relatively unknown Trinity House of Prayer. It is run by an Australian Redemptorist, Brother Casirnir.  This prayer house was established to meet a most urgent need for people today - the need for silence and solitude.

As Brother Casimir explained: "It is often in silence that one can experience God." And the prayer house provides the conducive environment to help individuals return to the solitude of their hearts.

In keeping with the silence, there will be no group sharing, charismatic prayer, group singing or retreat director in the prayer house. But he will make himself available should spiritual direction be needed. He also conducts meditation sessions on Tuesdays.
A SICK Jesuit priest has been freed by the Chinese after an incarceration which lasted for more than 30 years - probably the longest-serving Prisoner of Conscience in the people's republic.

His offence: he held true to Rome and to his faithfulness to the Pope.

Freedom for 74-year-old Shanghai priest Fr Gabriel Chen Tianxiang came in Oct last year, but it was confirmed only late last month by the Pontificial Institute for Foreign Missions in Rome.

Fr Gabriel was first arrested in July 1953 along with another priest, Zhu Shude, but not sentenced until 1960, when he was given 15 years.
He served part of it at the Sulphate Factory (a prison factory) of Nanchang, the capital of Jiangi Province, and was later transferred to a labour camp where he worked as a technician, according to reports.

Dear Rev Fr/Brothers/Sisters

On behaif of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei, I wrote to the Bishop of Essen making enquiries regarding the official stand of the local church on devotion to the Mother of God under the title "Rosa Mystica".

The official reply of the local ordinary (Bishop of Essen) Franz Cardinal Hangsbach is as follows: "The facts that have become known to us are collected in a paper, that I send to you with this letter. No ecclesiastical approval has been given to the devotion "Rosa Mystica". Cardinal Ratzinger told us in 1989 that there were no further investigations in this matter which might change the decision of the Bishop of Brescia in 1985. I am enclosing a copy of the letter dated Essen April 25,1989 which is to be communicated to the people of God under your charge and put up on the Notice Board of your parish or religious house.

Yours sincerely in Christ,
+ Rt Rev Bishop James Chan. D.D.

Published in the Catholicnews, June 24, 1990 issue. Page 4

Letter from Franz Cardinal Hangsback Esseh, Germany : Rosa Mystica devotions lack all credibility


“OPUS Rosa Mystica" can be identified with a group around Horst Mehring, Essen, who puts himself forward for the veneration of the Mother of God as "Rosa Mystica".

Mr Mehring leads pilgrimages to Montichiari - Fontanelle (Diocese of Brescia) where the Mother of God seems to have appeared to a lady with the name Pierina Gilli. The priest, Eligio Carbo, who had promoted most of the Veneration in Montichiari has been suspended in 1979 by the Bishops of Brescia and Verona. After consultation with the Sacred Congregation for the Faith the Bishop of Brescia has sent the following statement to the Secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference in 1985:

1. The so-called apparitions of the Virgin Mother of God under the name of "Rosa Mystica" that took place in Montichiari, lack all credibility.
Mutual Rights And Obligations
The Greed Of Unchecked Competition.
(By The Very Rev. J. Canon Kelleher, S.T.L.)

Just off the Press is Canon Kelleher's ' The Rights and Duties of Labour," a C.T.S. publication which the social rights and just claims of the wage earner in existing conditions a r e defined and his responsibilities set forth.

God Himself solemnly pronounced labour to be man's natural means of providing his material sustenance. With the capacity to labour, man has received a natural and universal means of providing for himself and an inalienable right to the reasonable exercise of that capacity. To understand the claims of labour in the complicated conditions of highly organised modern society, it is essential that we grasp and retain the meaning and implication of this fundamental right attached to labour. On the one hand man as an individual has not a right to maintenance simply from his labour. His labour is the God-given means of maintaining himself, and his right is that no one, individual or community, may prevent him from a reasonable opportunity of labouring fruitfully. No individual or group can be justified in appropriating all available material resources and denying to others all reasonable opportunity of exercising their labour on them, even though prepared to maintain these others in enforced idleness. But man even from the beginning was never a mere isolated individual; he is equally by his very nature a member of society. He must live and labour as a member of society. His right to live by his labour must be enjoyed in accordance with the reasonable conditions and restraints of organised society.
Lessons Of Past History
The Catholic Church Unconquerable

FATHER Dudley, notable English author and lecturer, was an Anglican clergyman before he became a convert to the Catholic Church. The following is from his ' The Church Unconquerable," which has just been issued as a C.T.S. publication.

TOWARDS the end of the Great War we were assured that now, at any rate, the Catholic Church was doomed: she had proved her utter incompetence to deal with the situation. She had kept on the war; she had tried to stop it. She had interfered; she had done nothing. Anyhow, whatever she had done or hadn't done, she had failed. She was doomed. At the present moment, while Europe is still seething with divisions and discontent, the Catholic Church stands calm and serene, strong and united— the one stable moral force in the world. And, by way of demonstrating her complete failure, nearly 30 nations now send their representatives to the throne of Peter in Rome.

Church's Position In Economics & Politics. Dr. Walsh Defines Teachings Which Advance Sound Government. Parts Played By Clergy And Lay Leaders.

This Machine Age Of Ours. Is Present System Christian?

Nazi Attacks On German Catholic Youth Groups. Resort To Violence After Long Effort To Undermine Faith. 150 Leaders Jailed. Negotiations Of Bishops At Stalemate.

The Truth About Abyssinia. Rudimentary Government By Raid. 7,000,000 Kept In Subjection By Minority.

King Edward VIII Esteemed By Catholic Subjects. War Chaplain Describes Him As 'Real Comrade'. Attended Mass For Marshal Foch And Paid Visit To Lourdes.

Still Another Priest Captured By Reds. $50, 000 Demanded For Release. Fr. Kellner Communicates With Apostolic Delegate & German Consul.

Menace Of Materialism. The Foe To Moral Freedom