CEBU, PHILIPPINES – Some Philippine politicians have vowed to support the Catholic Church in preventing passage of controversial reproductive health legislation now pending in Congress.

Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia said government officials were united in opposition to the reproductive health (RH) bill.

“What is right is to be pro-life and to stand up firmly and steadfastly against the RH bill,” she said during a meeting with Church leaders on June 17, which included Archbishop Jose Palma of Cebu.

“On behalf of all [local government units] of the province of Cebu, all of our seven cities and 44 municipalities, may I express, your excellency, our firm stand against the RH bill.”

Congressman Pablo Garcia, the governor’s brother, said passage of the bill was unlikely, as “anti-RH bill legislators” have the numbers to block passage.

“There is a change in Congress because of the non-compromising stand of the bishops,” the legislator said.
Bishops say the bill allows for the use of contraceptives.

Archbishop Palma expressed his gratitude for the support.

“It is mostly assuring and inspiring that our politicians are truly reflecting the sentiments and the spirituality of the Cebuano people, who are very religious and strong in their conviction,” he said.

He added that he would pray for the enlightenment of other legislators who have not yet decided on their stand on the issue.  - UCANEWS.COM

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