Participants of the School of Christian Leadership camp during a worship session.Participants of the School of Christian Leadership camp during a worship session.

One of the new topics that the School of Christian Leadership (SOCL) camp dealt with was personal purity.

Participants at the camp, held from May 27 to June 4, learnt about the dignity that God has assigned to men and women, the consequent respect and responsibility that each gender has towards each other, expressed through modesty and establishing healthy boundaries in relationships.

The event was organised for Catholic students from local universities to learn more about Christian leadership.

Seventy-one university students attended the camp which is the largest turnout since SOCL started in 2014.

Participants were also introduced to Christian leadership and mission during the camp. Mr Lance Ng talked about personal spirituality and spiritual leadership. He spoke about the various leadership styles and highlighted the importance of vulnerability and self-awareness in being an authentic Christian leader.

Some of these students will be going on to become leaders in their university community, while others attended to learn more about Christian leadership as they continue to discern how God is calling them to serve in their respective communities, according to OYP.

To enable participants to share their experiences freely, they were placed in same-gender cell groups.

Participants said they found the event inspiring.

“I have been changed by the love of God time and time again. To have the opportunity to do it with my fellow leaders bonds us in a commitment to the spirit of God that we can bring back to our communities,” shared Ms Joanna Francois.

Mr Gabriel Chek said that he was “reminded of how a Christian leader differs from a secular leader, which requires a complete living as a Christian burning with desire to serve and build God’s kingdom.”

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By Jude Dominic

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