It is with great hope that we publish our first "Newsletter" in which we will endeavour to help and guide you towards the Catholic Spirit and the Way of Life.

We know that a means of Catholic expression is badly required in Malaya, and we have set ourselves a hard task to provide what is required efficiently and conscientiously.

In our "Modern World" the need for prudence, patience, experience and conscientiousness is more and more apparent from the controversial issues we see published in the Press, especially here in Malaya.

We hope, with the help of your (our readers) prayers and zeal, to give our Catholic Viewpoint- so that we can answer the so-called "experts"- with their frustrated questions in these controversies.

The majority of the people of Malaya put "Pleasure Seeking" as their goal, or way of living. What is pleasure? Surely this "Pleasure" is really "Happiness" - they are seeking!

We as Catholics know that happiness is a gift of God - a soul in the state of Grace - not to be found by pursuing the pleasures of our Modern Society but through God v1a the Sacraments.

Our "Modern World" seeks but does not find - and ends up by being "awfully bored" or "Couldn't care less"!

It either ignores, or runs away (consciously or unconsciously) from the word "God", Religion, or the mention of His Teachings. Consequently the people end up as very unhappy, frustrated individuals capable of all kinds of shocking excesses leading to the Divorce and Criminal Courts useless to God, the Community, or themselves and their families.

Surely we can help them a little through the medium of these columns, remembering God has strange ways of finding souls, and that God is in ALL men no matter how good or wicked they are? To do this would you all therefore:- (1)    Mention our intentions in your prayers so that we obtain God's guidance in our apostolate.

(2)    Pass on this copy to your friends so that we are reaching the greatest possible number of Catholics and their non Catholic friends.

(3)    Let us have your ideas, suggestions and constructive criticisms by writing to:-
The Malayan Catholic Newsletter,
73, Bras Basah Road,

(4)    Talk to your friends and/or discuss OUR Newsletter, and order your copies in advance as only a limited number are being printed.

"God of all Consolation! Deep is our misery, grave are our faults, countless our . needs. But greater still is our trust in Thee. Conscious of our unworthiness, we lovingly place our lot in Thy hand, uniting our weak prayers to the intercession and the merits of the most Glorious Virgin Mary and all the Saints".

Yours sincerely in Christ.

The Malayan Catholic Newsletter, SUNDAY, JULY 2, 1950. Cover page


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