Tokyo (A. I. F.). - Considerable interest has been shown here in a letter written by a young lady eighteen years of age to the Yumiuri Shimbun, one of Japan's three largest newspapers. The writer mentioned that a friend had told her that it might be well for her to enter a convent rather than to commit suicide to escape from the worries and heartaches of this life. She therefore asked the newspaper for advice as to how she should proceed.

Mrs. Yamamuro, staff writer for the paper, answered the letter. Real religion can strengthen people to meet the hardship of our earthly existence, she wrote, but this requires strong faith. With regard to convents, Mrs. Yamamuro remarked that life in such establishments is not for idlers or would-be suicides since the nuns must be of strong character in order to devote themselves whole-heartedly to their vocation. She advised the young lady to write either to the Jesuit church of St. Ignatius in Tokyo or to the Orthodox Church in this city.

As a result of this corresrondence, Father Heuvers S.J., Pastor of St. Ignatius Church, had about ten inquiries within sixty hours of the time of the letter's appearing in the newspaper. All the enquiries were from non-Christians. (Fides).

The Malayan Catholic Newsletter, July 30, 1950. page 2

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