Veneration of relics: some answers for the faithful

Relics from CGS. Photo: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd Michelle Tan The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) states that: “The religious sense of the Christian people has always found expression in various forms of piety… such as the veneration of relics, visits to sanctuaries, pilgrimages…etc.” (CCC 1674) [...]

A teenage saint for our times

Blessed Carlo Acutis. Photo: Wikimedia Commons Victoria Lim On Oct 10, 2020 the Catholic Church rejoiced as it welcomed its first millennial “Blessed”. Dubbed the “cyber-apostle of the Eucharist”, Blessed Carlo Acutis was just 15 years old when he died in 2006 after his battle with leukaemia. Just [...]

Clarity Singapore hosts BRAVE 2020

Finding freedom in Christ. Photo: VITA Images Louis Aquinas Tan Bringing a Catholic perspective to mental well-being BRAVE: Catholic Youth Mental Health Festival 2020 was held from Oct 10-31 in conjunction with World Mental Health Day. Held virtually on Zoom, BRAVE stands for “Bringing Raw and Authentic Valuable [...]

Pope Francis’ Statement in the Documentary “Francesco” Explained

The Secretariat of State (Vatican City), upon specific request of His Holiness, asks to share this clarification with all Bishops for their Pastoral perusal. English translation text: Some statements contained in the documentary “Francesco” directed by Evgeny Afineevsky have recently raised different reactions and interpretations. The following useful points, therefore, are offered from the [...]

Boys’ Town YouthReach celebrates 10 years of outreach

Boys’ Town YouthReach celebrates 10 years of outreach Victoria Lim With the prevalence of social media applications such as Instagram and TikTok among the young, fewer youth are spending their time on the streets. Consequently, the team from Boys’ Town YouthReach have begun their outreach online. The need [...]

Enabling people, changing lives

ABLE celebrates its 10th anniversary En-ABLE-ing with joy. Photo: ABLE Singapore Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations (ABLE)’s 10th anniversary year has been an eventful one. With the outbreak of Covid-19, our mission to help those with disabilities to live dignified and independent lives remains important, perhaps now more than ever. When the [...]

Songs from the fount of love

Fr Derrick, Mr Hsu, Ms Chen and Mr Teo. Photo: Pujianto Cemerlang Victoria Lim Music has always had a way of touching hearts and drawing people from different walks of life together. It was precisely that which brought Mr Raymundo Yu, Founder of Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations [...]