Doctors perform surgery to change sex of female infants

Bhopal (Fides Service) -What has taken hold in the state of Madhya Pradesh (central India) is an aberrant phenomenon: cases in which doctors practice surgery to change sex to female babies multiply, at the request of parents who favor males. The state government has launched an official investigation to stop the practice, known as “genitoplasty”, [...]

Cultural Festival re-launches mission through religious culture

Bao Ding (Agenzia Fides) – The first Cultural Festival organized by the Cathedral of the Diocese of Bao Ding, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, took place on July 2, on the day of the 106th anniversary of the founding of the church, after an impressive work restoration, the most challenging undertaken since its foundation, [...]

Blasphemy: a moratorium urgently needed

Faisalabad (Agenzia Fides) – The new case of Christian Arif Masih, falsely accused victim of blasphemy, relaunches the proposal for a moratorium on the application of the blasphemy law in Pakistan. Paul Bhatti, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for religious minority affairs, welcomes the proposal circulating in civil society in Pakistan, and that is [...]

US Cardinal Defends Rights of Muslims

“As predominantly Muslim societies wrestle with how to treat religious minorities, let them look to our nation where we work to ensure that their Muslim sisters and brothers are treated with dignity and their religious identity and beliefs are treated with respect. Let them see a people blessed with hard won religious freedom living out [...]

Libyan Prelate Says Church Has Muslim Support

TRIPOLI, Libya, MARCH 29, 2011 ( The apostolic vicar of Tripoli says the work of the Church in Libya goes on, and that Muslims have promised their support for Christian ministry. Bishop Giovanni Martinelli told the Fides agency that the situation in Tripoli is “quite calm” despite the ongoing conflict as rebels seek to overthrow [...]

Satanism Scholar Notes Priest Shortage

“[Satanism] is directed to overturn and destroy those universal values that are written in the heart of every human being” and “to create confusion among young people, to build a kind of contrary society, in which good becomes evil and evil becomes good” – Carlo ClimatiROME, MARCH 29, 2011 ( A scholar at an exorcism [...]