Regarding The Case Of Maria Hertogh…

It is highly regrettable that the undue prominence given in the Press to the sad case of Maria Hertogh has thrown it out of its true perspective. Though we greatly deplore those sections of the Press that have exploited this topic for news, we are not without a good word for those others who see [...]

A Little Bit Of Heaven

What’s it like in Heaven? Everyone would like to know the answer to that one. But as we grow older our vision of Heaven tends to become more and more abstract. So much so that many people have the idea that Heaven might be just a tiny bit boring. To redress the balance a little [...]

The Assumption

The Feast of the Assumption is generally accepted as the principal feast day celebrated in honour of the ;Mother of God. By the Assumption is understood the passing of the Blessed Virgin, both body and soul, into Heaven. Although this belief has not been declared by the Church as an article of faith, nevertheless, Catholics [...]

Definition of a gentleman

Definition of a gentleman, author unknown: "A gentleman is a man who is clean inside and outside, who neither looks up to the rich nor down on the poor, who can lose without squealing, who can win without bragging, who is considerate to women, children, and old people, who is too brave to lie, too [...]

The Church In Korea (1950)

War is raging in Korea and millions there are in agony. How can we be indifferent to the fate of our Korean brothers and sisters’? They are all creature::; of God like ourselves. And among them are Catholics, redeemed as we have been redeemed, by Christ’s Precious Blood, members of the great Christian family, our [...]

Social Dispute In Philippines Attempt

To Silence Priest Manila (A.I.F.). A dispute that has been going on for some time here, and which came to a high point in the last weeks of May when a Government Official and a newspaper columnist discussed the role of the Catholic priest in Industrial Relations, has led to the publication of a memorandum [...]

Snubbing Christ

Possibly no one can name the exact reason why the Holy Hour in some churches is so poorly attended. Is it due to an alarming state of lukewarmness or coldness on the part of thousands of individual Catholics? The fact is that the Holy Hour is a public act of homage to the Eucharist Christ, [...]

Missioner Fulfils Dream. Establishes School For Blind. (1960)

EGOJI, Kenya, (NC)-When Fr. Valentine Ghilardi, I.M.C., arrived in Kenya 30 years ago as a newly ordained priest, he was shocked by the numbers of blind children who wandered about like animals, unkempt and unwanted.These children were all but outcasts in the Wameru Tribe among whom the young Consolate missioner worked.They could neither wash nor [...]

New Bill Against Catholics Defeated

NEW DELHI, India, (NC)- A bill aimed at restricting political activity by Catholics in India has been defeated m the lower house of the Indian Parliament.The bill, sponsored by the Communist party, was denounced by State Minister of Home Affairs B.N. Dattar as motivated by a sense of “frustration” of communists “whom Catholics threw out [...]