What is happiness?

WHAT makes a person happy? Where does happiness come from?Does it rest in external sources? In money? In food? In physical or sexual pleasure?What about the happiness of one’s soul?According to St Thomas Aquinas, happiness is the thing itself that we desire to attain. It includes the attainment and the use or enjoyment of the [...]

Values: premarital Sex – what’s the Big Deal?

In this continuing series on Values by Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore, we look at premarital sex and explain the underlying attitudes behind those who engage in it. It is becoming increasingly common for unmarried couples – youth and adults – to engage in premarital sex. The commonly cited reasons by those who see [...]

Archbishop Chia’s Pastoral Letter for 2011 General Election

My dear brothers and sisters,As we approach the 2011 General Election, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the relationship between Church and State and highlight to you the importance of taking an active role in the political process.When Jesus returned to Jerusalem, he was greeted first by adoring crowds waving palm branches, [...]

We salute our JUBILARIANS

CatholicNews honours priests and Religious celebrating their 25th, 50th and 60th anniversaries this year – By Darren Boon60 YEARSFR ALBERT BRYS Ex-parishioners and friends of Fr Albert Brys, CICM, describe him as a dedicated priest full of missionary zeal and willing to give himself totally to God’s people. Fr Brys visited parishioners and would always [...]

Viewpoints: Crosses from palm leaves

I refer to Mr John Wee’s letter, Save Our Earth On Palm Sunday (CN, March 27). With regard to using plastic palm leaves, I would like to say that there are eco-friendly ways to using palms meaningfully.In the photo (right), I have two different types of crosses using one blade of a soft palm frond. [...]

Ivory Coast mission aids 30,000 refugees

Children sleep on the ground at St Ambrose Church in Abobo, Ivory Coast. Another Church-run mission in Duekoue is presently housing thousands of refugees. CNS photoChildren sleep on the ground at St Ambrose Church in Abobo, Ivory Coast. Another Church-run mission in Duekoue is presently housing thousands of refugees. CNS photoDUEKOUE, IVORY COAST – The [...]

Pope prays for peace, freedom at Easter

Pope Benedict XVI delivers his urbi et orbi blessing to the city of Rome and to the world from a balcony overlooking St Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday. CNS photoVATICAN CITY – In an Easter blessing to the world, Pope Benedict XVI prayed that Christ’s resurrection may open paths of “freedom, justice and peace” for [...]

Vatican paper’s new site

L’Osservatore Romano’s new websiteVATICAN CITY – The Vatican’s semi-official newspaper has launched a new website on April 19, marking the anniversary of Benedict XVI’s election in 2005.In addition to the daily Italian edition, L’Osservatore Romano’s weekly editions in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as its monthly edition, can be accessed at [...]

Sri Lankan faith leaders protest UN report

COLOMBO – Leaders of different faiths have protested against a UN report that alleged the Sri Lankan government committed war crimes in the final stage of the conflict against Tamil rebels two years ago.“While terrorists were attacking religious places and civilians, the UN did not talk about human rights violations,” said Fr Sarath Hettiarachchi, co-chairman [...]

Church agency helps counsel Myanmar quake victims

A Buddhist monk walks near a temple that was destroyed in the March earthquake in Tarlay, Myanmar. CNS photoTHIRI, MYANMAR – Priests from Myanmar’s Kengtung diocese are reaching out to traumatised villagers in Shan State to help ease their fears following a major earthquake there in March.Fr Stephen Arno, director of Karuna Kengtung Social Services, [...]