Choirs sing for Christian unity

Choirs from different churches took part in a Night of Song for Christian Unity, held at the Barker Road Methodist Church on June 18.The choirs (clockwise from top left) from Barker Road Methodist Church, the Catholic Church of St Ignatius, Mar Thoma Syrian Church and Church of South India enthralled the audience with their repertoire [...]

Values: Pro-Choice or Pro-life, but Pro-Who?

Today’s article in this continuing series on Values by the Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore looks at the emotionally charged debate over abortion. AUSTRALIAN journalist Melinda Tankard-Reist, who draws upon the experiences of more than 200 women to write about the lasting emotional shock and trauma that follows an abortion, shares this excerpt from [...]

Power of the Eucharist

“The Eucharist is more precious to us than all the world’s riches because it nourishes us for our life’s journey and prepares us for heaven.”Normally, people of faith have quiet minds because they put their trust in the supernatural power of Jesus. This faith gives them a gentle peace, and they manage to persevere through [...]

Viewpoints: About pastoral care in hospitals

Recently, my father was warded for pneumonia and the next day being a Friday, I looked at the Church directory to see which church I could approach to administer the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. I left a voice mail at one church and subsequently called the church. I was totally taken aback [...]

Viewpoints: Designing ‘culturally relevant’ church

I refer to the article, St Joseph Church Undergoes Major Renovations (CN, June 19).I read with great joy how the parish church that served my formative years will undergo major renovations after nearly 50 years since its completion. In light of the changes to the sanctuary and other parts of the nave, I wish to [...]

Vatican clarifies penalty for illicit ordinations

“While unauthorised ordination is always a grave crime against Church law, automatic excommunication would not apply in certain circumstances.”VATICAN CITY – The Vatican said bishops’ ordinations that are not authorised by the pope generally bring the penalty of automatic excommunication, but there can be mitigating circumstances – including fear of reprisal, necessity or serious inconvenience.The [...]

Libyan bishop warns of internal conflict

Smoke rises after NATO airstrikes in Tripoli on June 7. CNS photoVATICAN CITY – The top Church official in Libya expressed fear that the protracted conflict there would generate fighting among factions and tribes, but said he believed a negotiated solution was still possible, the Vatican’s missionary news agency reported.Bishop Giovanni Martinelli of Tripoli, Libya, [...]

Vatican, biotech firm to push adult stem-cell therapy

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican will host an international congress to promote the use of adult stem cells as a safe, effective and ethical means to fight degenerative diseases.The congress, to be held from Nov 9-11, will also feature speakers who support embryonic stem-cell research, to give proponents an opportunity to “explain the reasoning behind [...]

Pope to be manga hero at WYD

WASHINGTON – Move over, Spider Man. Here come some new comic-book heroes.Among this new breed of heroes are Pope Benedict XVI, St Paul and Old Testament figure Judith. The genre is manga, a Japanese genre of cartoons and comic books, and Jonathan Lin, who runs Manga Hero in the United States, may well be the [...]