Singaporeans remember Spanish priest who transformed their lives

By Joyce GanSINGAPORE – Some 60 people, whose lives have been transformed through Jesuit Father Iker Villanueva’s spiritual retreats held in Chiang Mai, attended his funeral Mass at the Church of Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) on Thursday, Aug 16. The Mass was celebrated by Fathers Joseph Tan, Colin Tan, Philip Heng and Aloysius Ong. [...]

Good friend of Canossian Sisters and CatholicNews dies

Good friend of Canossian Sisters and CatholicNews diesDaniel Cheong passed away, aged 69, on Aug 10, three months after he suffered a stroke. He will be missed at St. Joseph’s Home and Hospice, which he visited everyday for the last two years.  SINGAPORE – It seems fitting that St. Joseph’s Home and Hospice at Jurong [...]

CJC ex-students to hold dinner

By Joyce GanSINGAPORE – Graduating classes of 1979 to 1983 from Catholic Junior College (CJC) can return to their alma mater for its 31st anniversary celebrations on Saturday Nov 25.  […]

Like Pavarotti, we too look to God for help (CN18, Sep 3)

READING THE ARTICLE in the The Straits Times on ailing Pavarotti seeking help from God in his battle against pancreatic cancer reminds me of my own experience when faced with a similar situation. It happened to me in 1999 in the Phillipines and I sought God's help.I was a non-Catholic at that time and we [...]

Parking woes (CN18, Sep 3)

WE ALL KNOW that parking is a perennial problem in our churches. We assume that if we are late, it is alright to park anywhere near to the church. This attitude usually creates inconveniences for our neighbours, both fellow parishioners and residents of the area.When an illegal parking offence takes place outside the boundary of [...]

Denise Miranda’s story inspires others (CN18, Sep 3)

THANK YOU for printing the story ("Death, anger and healing and then come God's beautiful gifts" in CN, Aug 6).Recently, as my daughter Sonia was given the sacrament of confirmation, one of the parishioners came up to me and said that she was encouraged by the faith we had in our Lord.     Denise Miranda    [...]

Are toddlers welcome in church? (CN18, Sep 3)

I HAVE A TODDLER whom my husband and I have been bringing to church faithfully every week for Mass. Our objective is very simple. We love our religion and we want our son to grow up close to Jesus and know his church.We make it a point to sit at the back of the church [...]