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A peace from within

As the first song, “Sing Praises All Your Peoples” rang through the Cathedral, our voices lifted as one to praise and honour God. This prepared us for the subsequent prayer chants which was based on the theme, Be Content With What You Have. The simple songs which comprised a repetition of phrases in English, Mandarin [...]

A graphical guide about the Mass

Mini-series: What inspired a group of young adults to come up with an infographics book

Jeslynn Seah (third from right) sees God speaking to her in images when creating art. 

Jared Ng

Many of us want to know more about Church doctrine and the various teachings and inspirations that can be drawn from our Catholic faith.

However, thick books, littered with complicated words and terms, that aim to break down the various teachings of the Church can sometimes be hard to digest.

This train of thought was what inspired Jeslynn Seah to come up with an infographics book on the Mass. “I was trying to grow in my faith but found thick books and the Catechism of the Catholic Church a tedious and jargon-filled read.”

Music to our ears

Of course, we strongly support our local musicians and choirs as well! Some have generously come forward with their music to be played on CatholicSG Radio. Our local musicians and songwriters like Corrinne May, Chris de Silva, Boni De Souza, Julie Sim, Trevor Nerva, Kenneth Ngo, Winnie Jane, Joseph Chng and Genevieve Toh are regularly [...]

New grotto of Our Lady at Holy Family

Dismay has, however, turned to delight, with many parishioners approving of the more prominent location for Our Blessed Mother’s grotto. “She’s meant to be here,” said long-time parishioner Gwen Andres, of the spot between the two church entrances facing East Coast Road. “It’s our chance of evangelising, for people to sit here and get to [...]

A Franciscan burger to help bring in the crowd

During peak periods, she sometimes has trouble multitasking and keeping up with the fast-paced requirements. “The other staff always support me and encourage me and it helps a lot,” she said. Starting out as member of the service crew, Hui Ling has gone to working as a barista and making desserts. The 25-year-old said [...]

Do you have your children’s interest at heart?

This is made even tougher when one considers the pressure placed on children in striving for academic excellence and juggling social media and peer pressure.What then, can parents do?“Your mindset and attitude are key,” said Father Henry Siew. “Are you God-centred or worldly-centred? Relationship or achievement oriented?”Parents are often pressured by external factors such as [...]

Chancery Notice – 22 July 2019

APPOINTMENTS 1. Ms Melissa Lim is reappointed as Board Member of ABLE SEAS Limited for a term of two [2) years with effect from 27 June 2019. 2. Ms Grace Chow Sok Theng is appointed to the Board of Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations Ltd (ABLE) for a term of two [2) years with [...]

The gift of the rosary

How much do we really know about this universal prayer? FATHER GERARD LOUIS SHARES MORE

The rosary helps us to meditate on the life of Jesus and the stories of the Gospels. Photo: VITA Images

Apart from the Mass, the rosary is perhaps the most well-known Catholic prayer. We pray the rosary while waiting for Mass to begin, when we are travelling, when we pray together as a family or neighbourhood group and when we gather at a funeral wake.

I think every Catholic owns a rosary, maybe several. I have been using the same one since I was 12.

The rosary is so much a part of Catholic culture that we almost take it for granted. So how much do we know about the origins and history of the rosary?