Victoria Lim

It was on the partially overcast but beautifully cool, crisp morning of Friday, Sept 25 that all of us at the Catholic News prepared to take our first steps on a Via Creatio or Way of Creation to commemorate the Season of Creation. We could scarcely contain our enthusiasm – and slight apprehension – as we said the opening prayer and offered up our day for the intentions of our Archbishop and the Church.

We designed the route especially for ourselves as a metaphor of the Season of Creation, which began on Sept 1 with the World Day of Prayer for Creation inaugurated by Pope Francis in Rome. Our journey began from Archbishop’s House at Victoria Street and ended at the Church of St Francis of Assisi, since the Season ends on the feast day of the patron saint of ecology. Thus, our chosen route gave us plenty of opportunity communing with nature as we trudged along the Singapore River, up Mount Faber and through the Southern Ridges, appreciating God’s magnificent work, and reaffirming our vocation as stewards of God’s creation throughout.

Fitted with masks and socially distanced in two groups of five or less, the eight of us walked a total of 15.2 km from Victoria Street all the way to Labrador Park before taking a train to Lakeside and then walking a little more to our destination. Along the way, we prayed in our hearts and blessed the different facets of God’s creation – the people and the flora and fauna we encountered. Individually, we reflected on the care of our common home as we prayed an eco-rosary that connected key events in Our Lady’s life with the four natural elements of air, water, fire and earth plus a fifth, Spirit.

The journey became arduous as the clouds parted and the noon-day sun beat on our backs. But despite the sweat and sore feet, we made it unscathed to the Church of St Francis of Assisi about eight hours (including water and lunch breaks) after we had begun. We truly praise and thank God, the author of all life for walking this journey with us!

The team shares their reflection and photos from the walk in the hard copy edition of the Catholic News. Get it today – [email protected]