The COVID-19 Task Force recorded its last meeting and was dissolved as of 31st August 2020.

The Taskforce Chairman Fr Stephen Yim, on behalf of the Archbishop, the Archdiocese, priests and parishes thanked the members for their time, efforts, sacrifices and prayers.

Members of the Taskforce included: Fr Stephen Yim, Fr Ignatius Yeo, Fr Richards Ambrose, Wong Toon King, Andrew Kiat Lim; Angeline Chng – Digital Church, André Ahchak – ArchComms, Laura Tan and Susan Loh – Catholic Nurses Guild (CNG), Dr John Hui; Dr Jeffery Cutter; Dr Steven Ooi; Dr Ong Yew Jin; Dr Shaun Nathan, Dr Sally Ho – Catholic Medical Guild (CMG), Kevin Ho – Archdiocesan Emergency Response Operations (AERO).

The Taskforce agreed the following milestones have been met:

  1. Getting parishes to re-start holding Masses.
  2. Parishes and Archdiocesan entities establishing direct communication lines to Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY) through their Safe Management Officers (SMOs). The SMOs now receive updates directly from MCCY and relevant government authorities with regards to their daily operations.
  3. Parishes and Archdiocesan entities receive approval of their Safe Entry Management Plans (SMPs) through MCCY.
  4. All Parishes and Archdiocesan entities are directly responsible to MCCY with regards to the enforcement of their individual SMPs      for the gradual resumption of all approved activities for Religious Organisations via the Government’s Crisis Preparedness For Religious Organisations (CPRO).

Moving forward, Fr Ignatius Yeo has been appointed by the Archbishop to form a new Committee to oversee the COVID-19 regulatory, operational and pastoral challenges. Details are still being put together and will be announced in due course.

The Archbishop would like to express his heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Task Force members and the chairman, Fr Stephen Yim for their dedication and commitment during their tenure.

They have done very well indeed.

Issued by: Archbishop’s Communications Office

2 September 2020