Dear Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ,

We thank you for the positive emails and messages coming through on our channels concerning and the Mass Attendance Registration System (MARS).

When the Church embarked on this project, her focus was to help enable Catholics to go back to Mass safely, orderly and fairly. By the grace of God and by the hard work of many people, the system was put in place and is now serving more than 40,000 Catholics in Singapore. Over this weekend, close to 2,000 Catholics celebrated Mass for the first time since the circuit breaker across eight of our churches with the rest gradually opening up in the weeks to come.

We would like to remind all our Brothers and Sisters that it is very important that you be mindful of the instructions when you enter MARS and ensure that the information you provide is accurate – at the first instance.

Be careful during the registration and booking process. Check and review the information you put in before confirming. At this initial stage, once a Mass timing is booked – changes cannot be made. This is because information in the online system is processed in real-time and booking confirmations are instantly made.

We seek your help to ensure that our stretched resources are fully optimised towards enabling churches and making improvements to MARS.

We continue to ask for your kind patience, understanding and most of all for your prayers. Our team members are truly working tirelessly as we do our best to work for and with you.

And if you’re going to your church for Mass please:
+Remember to bring your picture ID (NRIC/FIN/Driving License/Passport)
+Check that you are not unwell
+Ensure you’ve not travelled in the last 14 days
+Bring along your mask and wear it always

For more information, please visit and

Thank you.

COVID-19 Taskforce and ArchDigital Team