AbBA reaching out to cheer FDWs

FDW sisters and members of AbBA programme during a recent online reunion. Photo: ACMI

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, most of us have been staying at home for an extended period of time. And, for some this may result in an increased level of anxiety as well as to suffer from cabin fever.

One such group is our foreign domestic workers (FDWs) who now find it harder to rest and relax especially within the confines of the house where they work.  Said Piyang, “I feel more stressed now … I find it hard to find time for myself and to rest.”

Some of the FDWs whom ACMI spoke to were also concerned for their families back home. The restrictions on movement due to COVID-19 has made it a challenge to remit money back home. But for some others, they find the current period to be a time of growth and learning.

For Shelly, she shared that she is now learning and trying new recipes. Her employers and friends have showed her how to use the Zoom platform to socially connect with her friends online.

Prior to the outbreak, ACMI has been working with members of Couples for Christ, Singapore (CFC) to journey with FDWs under the Abundant and Better Life Abroad (AbBA) programme. This aims to empower and enable the FDWs to lead more fulfilling lives while working here.

AbBA is a programme that helps FDWs to discover how they can enrich their lives while working here. These sessions are conducted over four Sundays focussing on personal growth and learning based on the themes of Valuing Self, Valuing Family, Valuing Others and Valuing Work.

The sessions are conducted in a fun manner to enable them to enhance their self-worth and become more confident. Participants are also reminded to live a life of honour and dignity and to better appreciate both their families back home and the families that they have been called to care for in Singapore. They are encouraged to adopt the right work attitudes.

So far, participants have found a greater zeal and a deepened sense of purpose in their calling to work in a foreign land. And, they have also made new friends.

The physical gatherings which previously took place at Agape Village are currently not an option. As such, the sessions have been moved online. Two reunion sessions, entitled WhereAbBAouts, were conducted, which allowed the organisers to reconnect with the FDWs.

During these AbBA sessions, the FDWs will pray and break the Word together. They get to share their personal experiences. This platform has been welcomed by many FDWs who were glad to reconnect with the AbBA leaders and their friends.

“I’m grateful to God that even though I’m far away from my home country, my family and I are safe in this pandemic. I know that God is always here and He is guiding us. Everything is possible with God!” said Joevy Catchero, an AbBA participant.

For Ruth Del Rosario, a member of Couples for Christ, Singapore, she shared that “It was heart-warming for me to see the smiles of the participants. In our group, there were feelings of joy and relief to be able to see each other. The trust and closeness of the community was exemplified in the personal sharing of each participants. The reunion has offered us a space to love and care for one another.”

Let us stay united in prayer and look out for one another. More importantly, let us continue to uphold each other in prayer as more than ever, we need Jesus to help care, protect and lead us.  Contributed by ACMI