Magdalene Chin

In keeping with the mantra of its founder Blessed Nicolas Barré, inherent in every CHIJ school is a mission to honour the unique giftedness of each child. Every educator in the school aims to “discern the minds of the children in order to raise their consciousness, each one according to her genius”.

At the heart of the education at CHIJ Kellock, located at Bukit Teresa Road, is a culture of learning and an environment where the girls experience an encounter with Jesus Christ – where they feel a sense of belonging, unconditional love, and being respected for their individual dignity and uniqueness.

The focus is to foster mutual trust, respect, esteem and learning. It is through having attentive, patient, and encouraging teachers that the potential of students get noticed and have the chance to shine through.

This is what Miss Abirami Archunan, a Lower Primary teacher strives to do. Fondly known to her students as Miss Abi, she tries to make her classroom a place where students feel respected and cared for. Miss Abi believes that it is important for her students to realise the importance of sound values and hard work. When asked what success in education means to her, she said: “For me, this is defined by how my students make right choices in an increasingly challenging and complex world.”

To help her students navigate real-life scenarios and challenges, Miss Abi has written “Lunch Bunch” – a series of booklets that feature the adventures and tribulations faced by the character, Emphy, based on the real-life experiences of students.

Once a week, Miss Abi will organise her students into groups to work together to guide Emphy on the right course of action to take. In so doing, the aim is to enable students to learn values such as friendship, love, care and empathy. Such activities have helped her students to become more reflective, discerning and confident in doing what is right when faced with challenges in real life.

Inculcating the Catholic girls to the ways of the faith is a responsibility shared by the parents and the school, with support from the Catholic community. Such faith formation at CHIJ Kellock gives the girls an opportunity to know and experience God’s love, to walk their journey of faith with their friends and teachers, and to become faith-filled children of God.

The girls get to participate in various rituals including the sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession, paraliturgical services and rosary devotion. Prayer is also key. The girls in the school are also guided by Catechists in the form of weekly Catechism lessons where Bible stories come alive and where they learn what it means to walk in the light of Christ.

Additionally, the school’s Chaplaincy Team work together to build the foundation for the faith development of students. This partnership gives students a chance to understand the mission, beliefs and practices of their faith.

The students also have the opportunity to learn how to serve others with humility and love by reaching out to the poor, vulnerable and the disadvantaged.

Each year, Children for Children, jointly organised by CHIJ Kellock, The RICE Company Limited (a not-for-profit arts organisation) cum charity and The Business Times, will bring children from more than 30 Primary schools in Singapore together to celebrate Children’s Day with a special outing to the iconic attractions in Singapore.

The girls at CHIJ Kellock volunteer in various roles such as performance, facilitating the games, and minding the children.

About the school

 CHIJ Kellock was established in 1964 in the land next to the Church of Saint Bernadette at Kellock Road.

In 1994, CHIJ Kellock moved out of Kellock Road into a holding school at Jalan Kuala during the construction of the new school building. Finally in 2004, the new school located at Bukit Teresa Road was officially opened.

In commemoration of Blessed Nicolas Barré and his work in establishing schools to educate girls of poor families, CHIJ Schools in Singapore celebrate Founder’s Day on May 31 each year.