Audrey Lee

Christian Wong was baptised a Catholic at birth and raised in a Catholic family, However, after completing primary school, as he “did not see the meaning of going to church”, he then took a break from church for several years.

When he was in Secondary 3, under the urging of his teachers at Holy Innocents’ High school, Christian was asked to be a student leader. Given his natural charisma and good communication skills, he became involved as an emcee for various school events. This was to mark the start of a series of events that changed him.

Christian confessed that during his lower secondary school days, he was not very focused or mature. However, being a student leader and also with his emceeing exposure, it started to give him a new-found confidence.

In 2018, when he was in Secondary 4, through the urging of his cousin, who is a Catholic, Christian started to attend Mass for the first time after several years. This led to a spiritual stirring in him. That same year, he even attended one of the Penitential Service Mass in his school – his first after a long break.

For his penance then, the priest suggested that Christian attend RCIY as he had missed out on his Confirmation. That year he took his N-levels examinations and did reasonably well. He was determined to do better for his O-levels the year after.

2019 proved to be a most eventful year for him. Besides having to prepare for his O-levels, he started to attend the Rite of Christian Initiation for Youth (RCIY) at the Church of Saint Francis Xavier.

Though he had to juggle between studies and RCIY, his faith kept him going. As his school was near the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, he would go for Mass daily. Thereafter, he would head back to school to continue studying.

He also started praying the rosary daily which he does till today. When he does not have the time, he will recite the Angelus instead.
Now 18-year-old Christian will be completing his RCIY in April this year. He shared that he has benefitted greatly from joining the RCIY which has given him a better grounding on the fundamentals of the Catholic faith.

He now tries to have a closer walk with the Lord. He shares that he looks upon Jesus like a brotherly figure and he will make it a point to pray to Jesus daily, to share with Him how his day went.

Having done well for his O levels, Christian will further his studies at the Polytechnic, and he is looking forward to a future career in the hospitality industry.

Today Christian possesses a spark in him, one that represents a zest for life. More importantly, it also signifies his wonderful spiritual metamorphosis like that of a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly.

His former secondary school teacher, Mr Clement Chua said “We are very proud of how Christian has become more aware of the gifts and talents that God has blessed him with, He has grown into the fine young man that he is now.”

For Christian, he is excited and feels “totally brand new” these days. Looking back at his secondary school journey, he is glad that he has had the opportunity to have been in a Catholic school and to have had teachers who encouraged and believed in him. All these played a role in re-igniting his passion for the Catholic faith and his eventual return to the Church.

For youth who may be having that inertia either in their studies or in their spiritual lives, Christian said: “Just keep going be it in prayer, in trusting in God, and waiting for things to work out in your life.”

With his new found love of God, Christian now knows that amidst life’s challenges, God is always there for him. With God by his side, he hopes to be a beacon of light to those he comes into contact with.

Christian hopes his faith journey will inspire others. Photo: Christian Wong