Raine Seah

Inspired by the acts of selfless love of their patron saint, Saint Louis de Montfort, towards the last, the lost and the least, Assumption English School (AES) strives to develop compassionate students also known as Assumptionknights who think beyond themselves, and who are willing to serve others, especially those who may be in need.

In the words of St Louis, “Those whom the world rejects must move you the most”.

As part of its Leadership Programme, Assumptionknights are given learning opportunities to develop their servant leadership skills throughout the course of their study. At the lower secondary levels, they learn the values of compassion and respect for life through their participation in meaningful values-in-action projects.

One such project will be the annual Boys’ Town Flag Day, where all staff and Assumptionknights will come together as a community to raise funds for Boys’ Town Singapore. Beyond these, Catholic students will also participate in weekly “Faith Alive” sessions to reinforce their identities as children of God through group-based activities and self-discovery.

Student Gretchel Orbeta Flores shared that “being in a Catholic school has helped me to deepen my faith with God”. In each “Faith Alive”, “I reflect on myself, my relationship with God and others”.

When Assumptionknights move on to upper secondary levels, they start going beyond the local community and learn to share their time, energy and love with disadvantaged youth and children in countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam.

AES visits the same local villages and orphanages each year to help in little ways, like playing with the children, teaching them basic English, and cleaning up and completing minor maintenance work.

Through sharing, Assumptionknights translate empathy into action and seek to share the grace and good fortune they have living in Singapore.

There are different ways that students can serve God in the school context, by joining the various Catholic ministries such as being a prayer lector, an altar server or being part of the music ministry.

For identified student leaders, they are provided with the opportunities to lead their peers in a variety of programmes and projects. This is part of the school’s developmental approach to guide students towards leading to inspire others.

Said AES Student Council President Reyes Cheng, “The teachers have given me many opportunities to grow as a student and as a leader. Assumption English School has taught me to live by the Gospel values – to serve and not to be served.”

For Reyes, he has had the chance to lead his team of student councillors in the planning of various school events including Youth Day and Teachers’ Day.

AES is one of 12 co-educational Catholic schools in Singapore. The school was founded in 1953 by Brother Vincent, one of the Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel, and is part of a larger network of the Gabrielite schools found in 34 countries and five continents.
Its mission is to develop men and women of character and learning, responsible towards self and empathetic towards others.

AES maintains close ties with its affiliated schools and institutions through visits and exchange programmes.

In May 2019, selected Secondary 3 Catholic students and staff visited the Montfort Youth Centre in Malacca to understand more about the school’s identity and to see the Montfortian spirit of charity and love in action.

AES started out as a boys’ school, providing for boys in need. In 1973, it became a co-educational Catholic secondary school following a merger with the Secondary School section of CHIJ, Bukit Timah.

In 1992, it became solely a secondary school when the primary school students were absorbed by St Anthony’s Primary School.