Parishioners in reverence as the Blessed Sacrament makes its way around the church.

Corpus Christi is traditionally celebrated with a grand procession. 

This year on June 23, the Church of Saint Vincent de Paul decided to conduct the procession for the first time around the church compound as there was a desire between the priests to bring this tradition back.

Said Father John Joseph Fenelon, Assistant Parish Priest, “Public reverence and homage to the Body and Blood of Christ is a form of evangelisation” and an evangelistic spirit is what we are actively trying to inculcate within our parish.

The procession helped parishioners, who thronged the compound, to meditate on the gift of the Eucharist and the real presence of the Christ in the Blessed sacrament.

They were also able to reflect on whether they truly believe Jesus to be present in the Consecrated Host.