04 and 05 cn02 2019

We understand that emails and WhatAapp messages have been circulated questioning whether the Seal of Confession was breached in the dramatisation of the confession of Catherine Tan Mui Choo in the local film entitled Sister.

Some have postulated that what was “seemingly revealed” in the confession scene (from 4:30 to about 7:30 mins) should have been kept within the expected confidentiality of the Sacrament.

While some artistic licence may have been taken by the producers, these are facts to be considered:

1. First, this is the dramatisation of a high-profile Singapore case that was carefully and extensively documented and reported in media.

2. All of the information “divulged by the penitent” in the confession scene is public knowledge that has been put into a sequenced dialogue for dramatic effect. Please see the screenshots (above) concerning Catherine Tan.

3. For this film it is unlikely that additional knowledge of the confession was made available at the time of filming as the Redemptorist Priest Father Brian Doro, who heard the confession of Catherine Tan, passed away in February 2015.
Sister was a private initiative by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and film company Blue3Asia. 

– Archbishop’s Communications Office