----Keith Neubronner Kathleen Sim Rev Fr Terence Pereira and Eric Lam formed the panel 2-1
Panellists (from left) Keith Neubronner, Kathleen Sim, Father Terence Pereira and Eric Lam at the Love in the City event.

A special “talk show” held a few days after Christmas Day helped some 50 people gain a better understanding of the festival celebrated by Christians all over the world.

The event, titled Love in the City, was organised by the Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE) and held at The Catholic Centre at Waterloo Street on Dec 29.

It was for Catholics to bring along their family members and friends – both Catholic and non-Catholic – to help them know more about Jesus.

The outreach event was done in the form of a lively talk show, hosted by Mr Keith Neubronner, in which questions related to Christmas were put to the audience.

Mr Eric Lam and Ms Kathleen Sim, members of a panel which included Father Terence Pereira, Episcopal Vicar for the New Evangelisation, gave possible answers to questions after which the audience voted on what they thought were the correct answers.

Fr Terence then gave the right answers.

One question raised was what was the purpose of the Christmas Crib. The panel and some members of the audience felt that the Crib was to remind people that Christmas was about Jesus.

Adding on to the answers given, Fr Terence said the Crib is also to remind ourselves of the very special circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth, the simplicity and humility of the Son of God to be born in such an environment. “This is the fundamental reason why we should have the Crib,” he said.

In a faith sharing segment, John and Joan Lee, proud parents of four children shared how they experienced God the Father’s love after losing their first-born, Joshua, to Edward’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder.

“Though we still cry today as we miss Joshua terribly,” said Joan, “there is a sense of peace and joy that Joshua is now with God”.

Love in the City was part of ONE’s “In the City” series which focuses on different aspects of the faith. “Hope in the City” and “Faith in the City” were held earlier in 2018.

ONE aims to inspire, equip and support Catholics to be agents of the New Evangelisation through their personal witness, community life and the explicit proclamation of the Good News.

The next event, “Hope in the City”, is scheduled to take place on April 27.

ONE’s website is one.org.sg