Apostolic Nuncio celebrates Mass on feast day of St Stephen

Archbishop Marek Zalewski posing with parishioners of the Church of St Stephen.

The martyrdom of Saint Stephen has its parallels with Christmas. Jesus and St Stephen both offered themselves for the mission of saving the world.

Archbishop Marek Zalewski, Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore, made this point during the feast day Mass celebration of the Church of St Stephen on Dec 26.

Like Jesus, St Stephen died forgiving and praying for his persecutors, said Archbishop Zalewski.

St Stephen was a deacon in the early Church who aroused the enmity of some Jews by his teachings. He was accused of blasphemy and stoned to death.

In his homily, the Nuncio said that Jesus became a child so that He could find a place in our hearts. It makes a difference if we allow the child to dwell in our hearts, he said. Only then, will the Holy Spirit work within us to produce good fruits.
Some 300 people, including parishioners from other churches, attended the Mass at the church located at Sallim Road.

After Mass, Archbishop Zalewski mingled with the attendees for photo taking. Participants were later treated to a song performance by the young people from the parish. They also organised some games including a crossword puzzle quiz on St Stephen, so that the participants could know more about him.

A potluck dinner of pizza, pasta, satay and chicken wings, among others, was held in the church’s canteen, contributed by the various parish ministries. 

Parishioners taking part in a quiz.