Things you never knew about us, The Catholic News.

* The paper first published in 1935 as the Malaya Catholic Leader.

* Over the decades, the name was changed to The Malayan Catholic Newsletter. It later became the Malaysian Catholic News which then evolved into today’s The Catholic News in 1974.

* Some of the advertisements in the paper’s earliest days included those for Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia, Pilot pens and Kodak film. We even had beer advertisements in those days!

* CN was the main Catholic paper providing extensive coverage of the modern-day saints-to-be Pope John Paul II’s Nov 20, 1986, and Mother Teresa’s 1985 visits to Singapore.

* The Catholic News went full colour in 2003.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in-Christ and all valued readers, come on board and be part of the force to make our Catholic News more dynamic. We are looking for public feedback on how we can improve the only Catholic news agency in Singapore.

Support us by taking part in our first online survey ever (and this is yet another fact for us to chalk up)! We’ll let you know when we release the survey and when we do, just go to The Catholic News website
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To complement the online survey, we will also have face-to-face focus group discussions with various groups of Catholics. Look out for more details on how you can be part of our focus groups in our next edition!